30 April 2009 @ 01:15 pm
I still need an angry icon  
Does it make me a really, really bad person that I get really pissed when someone deletes their fic/journal?

And I mean, 'ARG! THAT IS SO FREAKING ANNOYING!' and then the really awful bit: 'WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?/HOW DARE YOU!?'

I do realise that having a sense of entitlement over a story that belongs to someone else is completely irrational and kind of dickheaded, but that's just the reaction I get.

Now, I realise people often/usually have very good reasons for talking their fics offline. Abuse, C&Ds, publishing, RL pressure, but there are so many better ways of handling things than just vanishing. And I also feel that hello, this is the INTERNET, if you've already put something out there, it's out there, you can't stop the signal, dudes!

When someone like Maya took her fanfic offline, she gave months of notice and put everything into a PDF that people could download to their own machines. She knew that someone would probably host it, but the point was that she couldn't, due to getting original work published, and that the number of new readers would be greatly reduced. She didn't want to cut her old readers who had loved those stories for years, she just had to take them offline. Managed! With grace!

So, I dunno, when I see people just up and vanish, it really ticks me off, because for one thing, their fics are NOT lost, it is highly likely that even if the internet doesn't store them any more, someone will have it on their HD and it will eventually be hosted via some storyfinders page somewhere. So, I dunno, if you've got issues, I wish people would either follow Maya's example, or just, I dunno, freeze all comments everywhere on their journal and slap up a 'I'm leaving. Goodbye' post.

In the end, of course it's any writer's right to leave the internet or remove their fic, I just wish people would realise that, a) it's kind of futile, and b) it's really hurtful to the people who have become emotionally connected to those stories over the years.

Anyway, this wasn't pointed at anyone in particular, I was just reminded of it this morning as I trawled through the internet archive to try and grab all the fic of an author I really like who has gone bye-bye.

Now I have to stop procrastinating and face up to the, 'You know I love you despite your freaky sexuality, right?' text I got from my Dad this morning. Oh joy. :/
29 April 2009 @ 12:28 pm
so what's up with that, then?  
Okay so, I love gender-swap fic, very very much, but it's been annoying me today how in the Supernatural fandom people are so quick to be all, 'Oh, I'm a girl now, I'll never be able to hunt/fight/do anything and/or especially take down Sam.' Now, I know chicks don't have as much testosterone as guys, and as such it's harder for us to build up muscle and in general we're smaller and less strong than guys, but for fuck's sake, people, fighting is not ALL about size and muscle-strength.

I've been doing Kung Fu now for like, 8 weeks, and our instructor is TINY. He's smaller than me, and I can guarantee you that he can take down the biggest guy in our class in about two seconds flat. My style of Kung Fu is all about getting inside someone's space, and that's actually easier when you're small, in a lot of ways. Now, I could readily believe that Sam and Dean don't actually know any Kung Fu, but things they probably do know, like Jujitsu or Thai Kickboxing all have ways a small person can fight and beat a bigger person. It's not all about who has the most muscles, it's about speed, weight placement, angles and balance and knowing the right moves to use against the appropriate opponent.

So, I could understand the boys needing to change some of their guns, and I can understand a lot of time needing to be spent re-training to use the different weight, size and speed the changed person has, but if you're going to write a gender-swap, please don't assume that either of the guys would be incapable at hunting and/or taking down the other guy. Fighting has weight-divisions in contests to make it an even playing field, not because it's impossible for little people to take down big people.

Now, I'm sick in bed today, so if anyone wants to make me feel better by writing me a fic with girl!Dean taking down Sam who's all sure Dean won't have a chance in his cute little girl body, I'd totally be okay with that. *beams*

Edit: I'm waiting for my screen-writing lecturer to get back to me with the assignment he was supposed to give out, and in the mean time I've written, 1200~ words of the next part of Pack Your Bags. And come to a very firm chapter-end, so, as there is a whole lot of stuff that's supposed to come after that, it seems the story has turned into a three-part-er. Part2 clocks in at about 5,700~ and I expect 3 to be about 3-5k? The whole 'verse will probably be somewhere around 13k. I'm not really sure if I should post this part nowish or if I should wait till it's all done. :/ I'm inclined to wait, I think. Posting unfinished fics doesn't appeal to me as much as it once did... -_-;

Anyway, I'm off to edit DMT_07 now, since the Harry Potter fans may send glow-worms to kill me in the night if I ignore my WiPs to work on Supernatural fic any more than I already have. ^____^;;;;
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10 May 2008 @ 02:47 pm
Commentary of the week, because I made the mistake of leaving open a blank document  
( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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01 December 2007 @ 04:47 pm
life and adult content  
Yo all.

Life continues for me, can't really access the net and stuff much coz then I have to go on elaborate history-deleting missions afterward, but the olds are away for the weekend so I've had some time to do a few things today.

Some blather about life )

What I really wanted to make this post about:

RE the whole Adult content thing, one week from today I am switching this journal to explicit-adult content status. I'm waiting a week so that hopefully, the people who don't know about the changes (and here) will not panic and will have some idea what's going on.

To clarify my personal perspective about this, I have never been shy about admitting that this site has explicit sexual content on it and I don't see any reason to try and pretend that it doesn't. I genuinely don't want to have anyone exposed to stuff that they don't want to see or think about if they don't want to have that in their heads. (although it would be pretty lame of someone to miss _all_ the warnings I have lying around.)

HOWEVER! I started getting involved in explicit written porn from the age of 14, and it hasn't done me any damage (...well, apart from me being a total perv.) and I actually think that written pron is a really healthy and safe way for teenagers to get to learn about sex in a way that can't cause them any harm. Also, in my country the age of consent is 16, and I don't really have a problem with that age barrier, so if people can do it, they should be able to read about it.

As such, if you're under 18 and still want to read my fics -knowing that they contain explicit sexual content- go ahead! As said in those links, if you're logged out of LJ all you have to deal with is a warning page and then lying about your age. I'm not going to tell you to do that, because it could get me in trouble with the sex-police, it's just a matter of your own choice.

Also, if people don't want to lie to LJ (knowing how crazy they are about these things I wouldn't be all that surprised if they start tracking people's IPs and stuff in the future.) My fics are also on skyehawke (the link's in my profile if you need it), there's also an age-warning there, but I think they're less psychotic about that sort of thing over there.

If your computer has one of those porn guards or whatever that will react to this change, I am genuinely sorry if this means you won't be able to access my fic, but you'll have to take that up with your parents or whoever put the program on your computer. If it's a real problem for a number of people, please email me and I'll think about putting my stuff on another site which just has the in-text warnings. I really don't want to be putting people out by this step, but LJ is hosting me, and I think this is a fair rule to have in place.

Anyway! I didn't mean to blather, I gtg, hopefully will be posting Chapter 8 soon. (although I'll have to do that before I change the porn settings or else I think my Dad's computer's pron guard won't let me access my journal anymore! ^_^;;

Love love!

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30 August 2006 @ 12:24 am
cheese is yummy!  
Random things...

Went to Auckland to see my Mum who is studying THE MOST RETARDED COURSE EVER!!! Which is like, a month long and they set all these assignments but never really teach anything so you're kinda supposed to already know everything before you start which is STUPID and how DARE they charge $3,000 and they are big assholes and cater to like, 0.0001% of the population and are DORKS! So there! Yeah, she was busy but glad to see me and Dad.

ALSO went to see [ profile] mimei and her friend Simon again and we played pool and sang some karaoke. It was UBER fun and I forgot how nice it is to actually hang out with people my own age who aren't Lame, Boring or Have No Interests Similar To Mine. (or a combination thereof). It was great. *looks forward to uni next year*


WHAT is it with people who write HAPPY stories? Like, all the characters get on, the main character doesn't angst - or if s/he does, it's kinda like, 'Well, aren't I irritated, I guess I'll have to frown for two seconds then calmly eat some strawberry pie.' People who should be arguing just DON'T. They all seem live in this non-reality where everything is made of CANDYFLOSS!

Now, I have no objections to candyfloss in general, but don't WRITE about it!!! It's so freaking BORING! Even if there is "plot" (i.e. Stuff happening) if there is no personal conflict, then it just reads like a text book or something. ARG!

And everyone else, please, PLEASE don't REC these stories!!! They may be gramatically correct but they are innately LAME and should go on a 'these are okay but not brilliant' list, instead of the same list as glorious masterpieces like this, or, this, or this. (okay so, those aren't masterpieces but they are freaking good.)

Mmm, yeah, I think that gets rid of my rant urges for tonight. Gotta get to bed! (really low on sleep lately).

I started Ch3 of DMT on Sunday. Ch6 of BtS is veeeeery roughly finished simply because I realised if I kept going it would be twice as long as all the other chapters by time I got to where I wanted to finish. Bleh. yeah. sleep.
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23 August 2006 @ 08:49 pm
elitist ranting, part 1.  
I may not be the Guru on grammar, (yet) and I may be shocking at spelling, (I do use spell-check though!) but I am not an idiot. STUPIDITY annoys me, ESPECIALLY from people who are doing something serious and want to be taken seriously. Thus, I just want to say a few things..

cutting coz I want to )

Other things:
Latest Anita Blake book. )

I had other stuff to say but I think I'm going to go read Harry/Draco instead. Mwahahaha. Oh, and, disclAImer! Some of those definitions above were from No one sue me, please.
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03 April 2006 @ 11:41 pm
hmmm. music is good.  
Warning: I am about to rant about something that is rather important to me, but some people may find hurtful, inflamitory, offensive, or a whole variety of other emotions. I don't want to get into a big war about it with anyone, I'm just stating my beliefs on certain issues. I have not tempered my words to be kind to people, or to take in to consideration other peoples feelings on the issue. These are my thoughts, and for the most part represent only me. In 10 years, I would probably write something different, but I'm happy living in the moment for the most part, coz the moment is all I'll ever have. So yeah, read, comment if you like, don't comment if you don't want to, but I'm not here if fight battles, just stating an opinion.

Yeah, so here goes then.

My thoughts on stuff. )
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12 September 2005 @ 02:42 pm
Why I hate humanity: Lesson 2  




What music do you listen to?


What books do you like to read, (Do you like to read?)


What are your favourite movies?


Who are your favourite actors?


T.V. shows?







This is the most stupid and redundant method of bigotry and class prejudice in this sanitized world, ever.


All day, every day, when you meet someone, when you are told about someone, when you read their website, comments or livejournals, we are instantly summing people up on whether they are ‘cool’ enough (or ‘not cool’ enough) for our personal stupid standards.


To explain today’s outburst: I really get so angry when people comment about how so many livejournal users whine about stupid crap like whether their boyfriend still loves them or not. Oh. My. Gosh. What, the hell, is wrong with you people??? It’s a freakin LIVEJOURNAL! It doesn’t matter what someone writes in it!! It’s their business whether it is a diary of Anne Lame or something more productive! Why do you bloody well CARE!?! If you think someone is writing stupid crap in their livejournal, then DON’T READ IT! All any of this is just stupid wasting of space anyway, and, well, HE WHO BLOODY WELL CASTS THE FIRST STONE!


Everyone’s a dipshit.


To quote Leigh Bader ([ profile] schismatical ) “Don’t be an asshat”




(Later edit after much stuffing around with Internet Explorer):


The ever eloquent [ profile] lyrebird says it better than I did over here

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