21 June 2007 @ 09:27 pm
I have a JOB! All hail and glory!  

Oh yeah, that's right, job is me. Me is job. Job is kickass rocksaw omg garden house* of COOOL!


It's at a jewellery kiosk where I am not permitted to sit. (Even on the rubbish bin! The RULES SAY SO!!!) And I'm workin from 12-4:30 on Friday, and 2:30-4:30 on Monday. Awesomeness ahead. I am sooooooo thrilled and now I'm really really super-duper looking forward to next semester! Onward and upward! Sure, more hours might have been better money-wise, but I have such a mega workload next semester (compared to what I'm used to) that it'll probably be perfect.

So yeah, I totally get all weekend and every evening free, plus it's just stylish-casual wear so I can go straight from uni and, all in all, I'm sweet-fucking-as. *dances more* I'm really looking forward to a semester of normality and schedule-sameness. It will hopefully encourage me to have good writing-headspace.

Anywayzz, I gtg, I need to cook myself an egg and then get ready for bed. Sleep is me because tomorrow work is me. Love love everyone and thanks to all who cheered me on in the land of no-work. hugs for all!

*garden house lives in my brain. Garden house is a name of a restaurant that is regularly referred to in my Japanese text book. Everything is 'ガーデンハウスは どですか。' (How about, (we go to) Garden House?) Apparently, although ジム ハリスさん (Jim Harris) and 山本 みち子さん (Yamamoto Michiko) are quite happy to go and eat there, カレン ロペス (Karen Lopez) thinks that it is too うるさい (noisy). Isn't that just sooooooo fucking interesting, that you want to read about it about 50 million times??????? @_@ (sorry, learning a language can be very... interesting, sometimes...)
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03 April 2006 @ 11:41 pm
hmmm. music is good.  
Warning: I am about to rant about something that is rather important to me, but some people may find hurtful, inflamitory, offensive, or a whole variety of other emotions. I don't want to get into a big war about it with anyone, I'm just stating my beliefs on certain issues. I have not tempered my words to be kind to people, or to take in to consideration other peoples feelings on the issue. These are my thoughts, and for the most part represent only me. In 10 years, I would probably write something different, but I'm happy living in the moment for the most part, coz the moment is all I'll ever have. So yeah, read, comment if you like, don't comment if you don't want to, but I'm not here if fight battles, just stating an opinion.

Yeah, so here goes then.

My thoughts on stuff. )
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