12 October 2010 @ 01:39 pm
Prepare for touchdown  
So, as you may be aware, it's October. For many people on my flist, this may simply mean it's time to think about pumpkin-carving designs and stocking up on that extra layer of merino. For those of us hanging out in the southern hemisphere who just happen to be attending university, it means that the end of the school year is only a few measly weeks away.

Around me right now is a room full of extremely stressed-out post-grads. It's quite a marked difference from the start of the year, when everyone was full of enthusiasm and you only saw a select few of the students. Now, the number of students has swelled by at least another ten, (who the hell ARE all these sociology students? I swear they just keep popping out of the woodwork. Maybe they're breeding...) and the work has changed from a slightly fun attempt at being a 'real' student into this horrific hair-tearing panic as people progressively realise that these deadlines are non-negotiable, and only two weeks away.

I don't have to hand in my thesis until next year, something which I am so profoundly grateful for I have no words. Seriously. I don't think anyone this year is going to be able to make the deadlines without doing a week's worth of all-nighters. I'm still looking at that later this week. I probably would tonight if I didn't have to be at Kung Fu. Fu is pretty much the only thing keeping my stress from exploding out of the top of my head right now. That, and other forms of exercise.

Cut for me ranting about exercise and my fear of being overweight )

So anyway, two massive assignments, much stress, no money, job application to go and I'm outta here for the year!

To finish, have a picture of the blossom at the bus stop last month!