02 January 2008 @ 11:12 am
And so another year passes into the next....  
Well, here we are then. 2007 has passed and 2008 is beginning. Another year of my life has passed into the dust of time. I must say, I feel kinda sorry for people who don't have my birthday, because it makes thinking of years and age so much easier. My parents never had to think, 'shall we start her in school the year she turns 5, or when she turns 5?' or anything. No, I age with the passing of years and that is handy. Save for the people who never come to my parties coz their either drunk or hung over, still, there's always a big party on my birthday and usually fireworks, even if they're not supplied by whatever my people are doing, so I kinda like it.

Shall I reflect on 2007? I really can't be bothered. What did I do? I started University, passed, for the most part. Even got the odd decent mark in there, too. Yey. I... moved three times. I got and quit two different jobs. Had a nervous break down. Um? Updated my stories extremely sporadically... Made heaps of new friends! Woot! Learnt SO MUCH Japanese that my brain started spitting the words out the back so there was enough room to think... Got a C- on my Japanese final... -___-; Watched heaps of anime. Read HEAPS of fanfic. Found out that Anthropology is my complete dream subject. Ignored all my lovely friends because I mostly want to hide these days.

Um... yeah, I think that's most of it...

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25 December 2006 @ 10:55 pm
Christmas Day. oh hooray...  
Is it a sign of my being a horrible person if I spent the majority of today watching the entire Gravitation series?

But in my defence this has been the Christmas for HELL. Or at least, the lead-up to Christmas from hell. This last month has stressed me to my absolute limit and I've been riding on a pretty constant thin-edge of total emotional meltdown.

Last night at around 1am as I sat with my mother on a chair outside church waiting for my dad, I said 'I think from this year on I am cancelling Christmas' This year has been Fucked Up.

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