29 September 2011 @ 12:28 am
Who needs sleep  
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05 June 2011 @ 01:34 pm
The joys of original work  
Comic books have become a BANE to me. Between DC and Marvel, basically they've got every possible character, power and concept covered by their enormous, bloated, wonderful, annoying sphere of influence.

It doesn't help that because I've interacted with these canons at various times, I keep accidentally plagiarising them without realising! Some things I know I came up with myself so I'm willing to fight for it if their happens to be a similar thing in comic-verse, but other things I just can't be sure. Last night I was trying to find a name for a character who was a Russian teenage boy who was a big, quiet, shy, family-orientated guy and something of an artist. I'd originally called him Andre but then realised that was my cousin's name, so could get me into trouble, so I was going through (my SAVIOUR!) and I saw 'Pyotr' and really liked it, but I suddenly got this weird inkling. I new X-men's Colossus was Russian, and kinda nice, but he's BARELY in the X-men cartoon, so I didn't know much about him, and couldn't remember his first name. Luckily I've learnt to be suspicious, so I looked it up anyway, and sure enough, Piotr Rasputin, also known as Colossus, a shy, quiet man with a love for family and, surprisingly, a fantastic artist.


Luckily I hadn't written him in yet so I can make some changes. Swapped his and another girl's powers so it brings out different things, made some personality-changes. Siiiiigh.

Then I was trying to figure out a code-name for a different character, was thinking 'puppet-master'. Again, a suspicion came over me, and upon checking, I find that BOTH DC AND Marvel have a villain named Puppeteer/Puppet Master respectively. SIIIIGH.

I'm off to have lunch.

P.S. My Nana died on Tuesday. Had the funeral on Friday. It's been a really tough time and I'm not dealing too well with the stress of that plus losing two weeks in my last month of Uni between flying to Wellington to see her in hospital and the funeral and stuff. PLUS I have crazy job-related shenanigans going on. So yeah. Um, barely-functional Peeji is barely functional. :/
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23 May 2011 @ 10:18 am
Name change! page_r -> prairie_grass  
Hi all. Been ages I know, ra de ra.

PSA entry is a PSA.

A few things of note:

1. I'm changing my LJ handle. page_r is finally transforming from a random name that people confuse with an obsession with pagers, to [ profile] prairie_grass. This will occur shortly, just thought y'all should know.

As part of this, this is gonna stuff up Dreamwidth for a bit, because I can't afford TWO name-changes. THUS, what is happening, is [personal profile] prairie_grass already exists at dreamwidth, but is not linked to page_r at dreamwidth. I'll be uploading (downloading? side-loading?) my livejournal to that journal soon, and posting a PSA to the old one that the links will die when I eventually delete it, but all the same content can be found in the new one. Does that make sense to everyone? I doubt there will be TOO many people with links to fic or whatever at my Dreamwidth account, so hopefully it won't cause a major inconvenience. Please re-friend the new account as you so desire.

2. My thesis is due in four weeks, as well as the first part of my original novel. As you might understand, I am a little crazy right now. A year and a half of work finally coming to a close! @_@ Don't expect to see me much before then. Though after that I might suddenly be around a lot bugging everyone! XD

3. I'm gonna be taking part in the Sam/Dean OTP mini-big bang this year. It's not a huge amount of writing and everything I've been working on has been so Srs lately that I want to do something fun. Wooo!

Also, my reaction re finale? \o/

Now, off to engage name-change!
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30 March 2011 @ 04:26 pm
Get with the program!  
Bad guys don't carry clipboards any more, they have tablet-PCs. Or evil smart phones. Highly evil. This is so important to remember, we don't want no clipboards with their brown-ness, and their ancient metal clips that grab fingers, and certainly not a pen attached with a STRING (heavens!) wandering on stage.

No paper, either, probably. Bad guys, especially science-y bad guys are far too advanced for paper and shun the thought of natural products in their places of evil science.

I'm working on original fiction at the moment for class, (can you tell?). The first 10,000 words of a novel. It's quite strange for me to be returning to standard prose after working on scripts for so long, plus it's hard to gear down from one creative project (script) and gear up for a different one that, while it's been sitting on the back-benches for years, hasn't really had my attention in a long time.

Part of me wishes I could be writing the middle ten thousand words of this novel, or even the end. I don't know about other writers, but I almost always have a very sound concept of how a story will end, and all the drama involved, long before I have a clear grasp on the rest. Beginnings are the worst, because I actually have to convince the readers to love these characters as much as I do, when it seems like it should be so obvious they should already know.

Meanwhile, university is in tents! I'm gonna take my camera in next week and maybe make a video, because it's just so surreal. No news yet of when I'm going to be back in my building. Working from home and glad the BF and I shifted before the Quake, coz in my old bedroom I couldn't sit at the desk, and I really find the idea of writing an entire hons thesis from bed to be a painful sounding excursion.

(I've been away lots and not replying to comments much lately. Apologies! And thank you to the people who posted on my HELP! post a while ago. Promising myself that I will improve my internet responsiveness over the next few months.)
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01 February 2011 @ 07:26 pm
People of the internet!  
I desperately need your help!

(Contrary to all appearances, I have not died, and I even have plans to inform any who care of the various things that have kept me away for the last four months AND an attempt to be more interesting in general that should begin very shortly, HOWEVER, in the mean time...)

It's an emergency and I believe you have skills to save me!

I'm doing a paper this coming semester that involves writing 10,000 words of original fic. Which would be amazingly exciting, but my university's creative writing department is pretty fail, and the only person they can find to supervise me is "unfamiliar" with Sci Fi as a genre. ;_; The story I'm writing is an urban fantasy/sci-fi mixture and my supervisor wants me to recommend her some books to use as a "point of reference" that are in that genre.

My problem is, I'm hitting a total blank. I don't tend to read Sci Fi, I watch it. This story is kinda spies with superpowers, so think X-men, Alias, Dark Angel, a lot of the DC and Marvel comics cross fantasy and sci fi really well, all I need is some sweet technology being used with superpowers or something. Surely that's not too much to ask? You guys know of some really good novels in this genre, right? Even chuck in something really cliché and trite to show what I want to avoid if you can?

Ask your friends, too? Come on, with the power of the internet we can do anything, right?
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