28 February 2008 @ 01:39 pm
Total awesome to the extreme!  
Right now, I am writing this entry on my NEW COMPUTER! Oh my GOSH it is so exciting! I am making so many mistakes while typing due to the craziness of having a new keyboard to get used to!

So far windows vista hasn't been tooooooo annoying, but I do have a totally stupid amount of RAM and processing power (at least compared to my old baby, can you say, going from 256megabites of ram to 2 FUCKING GIGS plus 2.o gigahertz of processing speed???? MADNESS!). The glory of this is shown by the fact that currently I'm using firefox AND I'm uploading 4gigs of comics to my computer from disk at the same time a feat which my old baby would have just laughed at me if I'd tried to achieve. :/ Only down side so-far is that the image quality is slightly less than my old beasty but that's what you get for having cheap LCD. When I can afford it, I will get a new monitor... maybe...

Anyway, I think I'm getting sick or something... feel bloody rotten, but who cares?! I have a computer, and I think I'm going to spend a fair portion of the rest of the day playing with it and typing up some of all the fic I've been working on which I haven't been able to do on my computer in sooooo long. ^_^

(side note. Waaaaah, I have so many files to move over, it's going to take foreeeeeever. ;_;)
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15 February 2008 @ 12:18 pm
Blaaah. Writing is my best friend and also EVILLLLL  
I'm sitting in one of the computer labs at uni, typing out the start of Chapter six of Dry My Tears because it's impossible to do on my own computer at the moment and my new computer isn't a possibility for a few more weeks yet. Le sigh. I just had my last class for the summer, I have one week free of class with a 2,500 word monologue due on wednesday, then proper class starts again on Monday. YAY. Although :( for how much less time I will have for writing. Again.

The Monologue I am COMPLETELY stuck on at the moment at 800ish words. I'm just so unused to writing without dialogue and... short stories really aren't my forte. :(

Anyway, the question of the moment really is, should I break DMT_06 into two parts or not? (As in, chapter 6 and 7, not chapter 6 a and b, because that just pisses me off). I like to keep chapters aroooound 2,500 words as a general guide, and at the moment it's well over 4,000 words :/ AND there are three major scenes to go that I would anticipate will take around another 2,000 words. >:[ I had wanted to end this chapter at a specific event, but that's the third scene out of those three, two in between, so I'm wondering if I should just wiggle a chapter-break into the middle somewhere, even though it's a bit frustrating because not a lot happens in that time? It would end with chapter 6 being around 2,000 words.

*flaps* I don't knooooooow!

*goes back to typing in the mean time*

EDIT: Totally random best line of the day: "“You’ve got him in counseling?” he bit out harshly in disbelief. “Are you sure you’re qualified to diagnose a space octopus?” [in Once Upon a Furry Octopus by Skoosiepants]
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07 February 2008 @ 08:09 pm
Wheee! Writing Bananza!  
I love it when my brain does this. I only wish it would be like this 70% of the time, instead of like, 1%.

Anyway, tho I have no fic to share right now, I must crow! Because not only did I get my homework done on time (I'm doing a summer paper on creative writing and I had to submit seven pages of typed poetry and song lyrics,) over the last week or so, I've done SOOOO much writing. I've in total now done 20 hand-written pages for DMT_06, my handwriting means that's around 4,000 words at a minimum or 200 per-page, PLUS I did seven pages of chapter 1 of one of my original fics! Wheeee!

The only downside is that those 4,000 words for DMT were supposed to take like, half that and I've still got three scenes to go, so it's going to be another long chapter ;_; *flaps*

Wat else? Well, the main thing that is ocupying my thoughts at the moment is that at some point soon, I MAY be buying a new computer. I feel bad because I know how hard my minako-chan has tried to keep up, but it's like she's got cancer or something, her insides are dying and she can't make _anything_ work properly any more. Because she is faithful (and firefox it a Nice program) Firefox is one of the few things that actually still work. Especially if I'm kind and make sure to give her plenty f time to think about it when I open and close. But, I mean, the wireless keeps dying, Word barely functions at ALL quite apart from the fact that it literally takes 10 minutes to open, I can't run two programs at the same time, (which means that I can't listen to music if I'm doing ANYTHING on the computer). And yeah, general angst. But man, if you are a discerning buyer, getting a new computer is expeeeensive, sheesh. And Vista is EVERYWHERE! I want to KILL IT! *hisses and spits at it*

Right, yes, that's all from my hood for a bit. Hope all are well.

P.S. I also love that I have a tag just for writing frenzies. That's fucking sweet and yet again proves to my why I should always love technology.
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18 April 2007 @ 09:46 pm
Finished the draft of chapter five. 7,842 words. Sixteen pages. That's over half the length of the whole bloody story so far.


*Flails for a while*

Anyway, I'll have to let it sit for a few days, then I'll do a last edit and hopefully post on the weekend. It's not perfect, but if I wait for perfection then I'm going to be waiting a very, very long time. It's good enough.

In other news:
I got a MASSIVE amount of holiday pay from my job, (turns out I'd worked there for just on a year, so was eligible for annual leave and as such got 2 weeks full-time paid holidays. @_@ meep!) Although most of it is going straight to paying off debt, me and one of my flatmates went halves over buying a small telly for my room. (My room wins because it's cleaner, and that's saying something!) Because the telly in the common room is both too small and is kinda annoying to use when there are people around. Also, I wanted to set up my Playstation, but I didn't want it in the common room because my evil flatmate would probably break it or spill maple syrup all through the controller or something equally strange. Other than that, when I get my money back for my course books, now I can spend some of it on crap as well as debt-repayment. I've decided to get the complete Roswell series. (Only ever saw the last season) Really looking forward to it.

Still haven't got another job. Waitin. -_-
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