24 March 2006 @ 05:11 pm
I suck, but look! Fic!  
Right so, the last week has been an exercise in me never doing what I was supposed to.

Monday, I was supposed to be working on chapter five, so, instead I was RANDOMLY excessively inspired to work on a vamp!Voldemort/Harry fic and spent ages on that. (Don't squick about it until you've read good Voldemort/Harry, I've only ever come across one really decent one, and before then I was totally grossed out at the thought, I have since changed my ways. ...Or, you know, you can squick if you really want to; I wont stop you...)

Tuesday, I slept lots, then the previous continued.

Wednesday, I was supposed to be working on a fic for KRM's birthday. I went crazy with writing chapter five. THEN got further distracted (I blame mimei) and wrote and entire short-fic due to her challenge over a really cute pic of J and Inoran from the Japanese rock band Luna Sea. -_-;;

Thursday, I NEEDED to start work on KRM's present fic, instead, I finished (and edited) the first half of chapter Five. ;_;

All in all, I've written 4,203 words worth of stuff this week and 2,603 of those were COMPLETE DISTRACTIONS!

So yeah, gotta start on KRM's gift. ;_;

In the mean time, enjoy a short fic about J and Inoran, (most loved pairing of many J-Rock obsessed females around the world, though their undying love for each other is completely fictitious. :P)

Consequences and Hopeful Ventures )

There! Hope people enjoy!
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