12 July 2010 @ 11:45 pm
If all you see is a crater, just back away slowly  
Hey all. Today was the first night in about 2 weeks? 3? I've had home alone by myself and nothing super-pressure to do. Seriously, that's actually not an exaggeration. I'm not all woe-is-me about it because there has been many good things, but also those weeks have contained visiting my family (which SUCKED, for the record. It was great seeing my brother but then I spent four days in the same house as my separated parents and an 8 week old puppy, which meant that I was stressed out and tired (puppy) and put through an emotional roller-coaster (parents) but was still a welcome reprieve from my infuriating flatmates) followed by interviews for my thesis, followed by a two-day photo-shoot for a Suicide Girls hopeful, followed by my BFF breaking up with her bf of six years and needing a place to stay. AT THE SAME TIME as one of my other besties going on the rocks with HER bf, which resulted in DANGER DANGER EXTREME SUPPORT REQUIRED for both of them, which wasn't a problem but was pretty worrying and meant I was either out lots or had ppl here. AS WELL as that I'm behind-schedule on my thesis. AS WELL as that my BF and I haven't had a lot of time together lately due to all of the above so I was trying to juggle spending time with him as well as my girls, which kinda made me feel guilty coz I was so happy to be spending time with him I possibly wasn't being the most focussed support!friend I could have been.

ANYWAY. All this means is that I haven't had any time for anything really, but on the very few days I've been able to sit down with my computer and a bit of time, I've been doing my best to keep to writing targets. I wanted to make a post for all interested parties, (and I just checked the read-count on Pomme de Sang so I know that there are at least a few of you *cough*) that this month I am actively working on Dry My Tears and have been making genuine progress. I have a secret goal for when I'm going to get the next chapter up and while I'm not telling in case anyone gets disappointed, let's hope I can hit it!

Meanwhile, new addiction: Bleach. Though the gender issues annoy me quite a lot. Still. Fun and the episodes are short enough that I can use them as a mini-break in between studying.

Ooh, and my Foo has given me the details of a Professor in the USA who studies some of the same field as me who might be able to give me advice about the next educational step, so that's exciting!

Oh, and I just got my marks back for last sem. All I'll say is that I am very happy.

Enough for now.

Peeji over and out!
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25 June 2009 @ 02:50 pm
to continue your regularly scheduled program...  
Do you guys know what I’m doing today? NOTHING! Yeah, that’s right! NOT A THING! I am puttering around the house in my PJs, I’m stealing my flatmate’s food so I don’t have to leave the house, I’m being sleepy, reading books and in general not using this day for anything productive. Why? Because I NEVER GET TO DO THIS! Well, not in the six weeks or so. And I only have today for it before work starts and begin my epic holidays-are-the-only-time-for-writing-these-days mission of DOOM.

I feel like it’s been about three months since I’ve updated. It hasn’t been all that long but so much has been going on. Since last entry, I have finished all essays, exams and etceteras. I am slowly gaining back my sanity, I’ve read about two thousand big bangs, and have even done a pile of writing.

I got an A- back on one of my big essays, which makes me hopeful I might end up with an A- for the paper. (If I can do THAT, then I reckon I can get my overall grade up to A’s by the end of next semester. If I can do THAT then I should be able to get funding up the wazzoo for masters. Unless there’s like, ten thousand applicants in my year. And if THAT happens I’ll just go around and bash them all until they quit. Easy.) I also got an A back yesterday on my anime script. Which was SUCH a personal victory because that lecturer marks REALLY hard. And I also agreed with all his con-crit so I really appreciate that I’ll be able to incorporate that criticism when I go back to edit it in a few months.

I just had [info - personal]mimei to visit for a week! It was really really awesome. We did lots of stuff, we sat and read things, she tried not to get addicted to Fall Out Boy fandom (and failed) I lol’d in her general direction. My cat was a giant snob and refused to acknowledge her for the entire trip. I shared with her how much fun it is to have a friend doing sculpture Fine Arts (performance art assistants FTW!) She forced me at knife-point to sign up to twitter (page_r was already taken! Arg!) and there was epic media-swaps.

This entry is getting really long so I’ll finish by saying the next chapter of DMTs WILL be going up these holidays. Even if I have to post something I think is complete shite. I also have the fist sequel to Pack Your Bags semi-finished. And about three other fics I might get done.

And finally:

-There is a limit to how many question marks are required. In any situation, know that there is a limit. EVEN IN LOL-CATS there is a limit. I know it sounds impossible, but seriously guys.
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12 December 2005 @ 03:11 pm
How you miss the little things  
Okay so, I'm in Tauranga, (again) living with my parents (again) for the summer break. Yay.

Unfortunately, I have no computer, and am stuck with using my dad's on the odd occasion where he isn't at work and brings it home, or there is a good enough reason for me to bother him at work to use his email. (The parents usually do have a comp at home but Dad broke Windows, so they have to re-format).

Thus, I will probably not be around much for the next little while. We are driving down to ChCh for my friends' wedding in early Jan, so hopefully I will have room to bring my own computer back up at that time.

cutting coz I feel like it )

Right yes. better go write while I have access to the comp.

Page out!

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