01 November 2005 @ 01:45 am
This is a stupid redundant entry, feel free to ignore.  

There is no TIIIIIME!

I'm sitting here, it's 1:46am, I am giving myself tension cramps. I'm serious! I am so going to have ulcers by the time I'm 35. I am _trying_ to write, (fiction), read, (fiction), and write (communication) all at the same time, knowing that I really should be in bed so that I can study heaps tomorrow, but I just can't bear to leave!


On a positive note, I've got inspiration chewing my toes off, (at least procrastination has a _few_ upsides!) And thus a new fic has been inspired, this in turn has caused me to have heaps on fun writing a semi internal monologue for Harry P., which has been more fun than I thought it ever could be. Woot for me.

Oh, random: Bought Spirited Away. Damn, that movie always makes me feel sooooo........... swish. Encouraged brother to buy Batman Begins so that I could watch it. (so self-sacrificing!)


Current Mood: busy - in an ulcer kind of way