prairie_grass: (Sunlight)
prairie_grass ([personal profile] prairie_grass) wrote on February 23rd, 2011 at 09:41 am
Earthquake - take 2
Hey guys. Just thought I should update here for anyone who is concerned. Me and my family are all confirmed okay. Our houses are alright although there's been some damage here and there and water is out in my Mum's and brother's places.

A very close friend of both my brother and by best friend was caught in his shop in the central city and didn't make it out alive. I didn't know him well but it's still a really hard thing to deal with. I can't imagine how frightened he must have been.

No other confirmed deaths yet amongst my friends etc but they're still pulling people out so we really don't know what's happening. Out here in the suburbs things are pretty okay. One of my best friends' home is flattened completely though.

We're going in search of food, later. I forgot to stock up after the last one.

Yeah... that's all to say at this stage. If the water situation gets really bad we're going to move out of the city and go stay with my Dad in Blenheim for a few days.

Just really glad I didn't go to work yesterday. Sometimes being lazy is a good thing.

Love to all. Thoughts are with anyone who is in a worse situation than we are.

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