04 January 2006 @ 09:50 pm
OOO! Look, I'm actually updating!  
Okay so, what’s up with me.

Well apart from having lost my brains somewhere over the cook straight at some point in the last few months, life is okay.

Alright well, maybe not okay, but hey, I don’t really have any solid thing to complain about apart from the fact that I DON’T LIVE ANYWHERE and half my shit is constantly NOT where I am and there has been a COMPLETE lack of stability in my life for the last 3 YEARS and it is gradually driving me AROUND THE FUCKING BEND!!!!

Other than that I’m fine.

I am currently in Christchurch, again, for my friend’s wedding, this will take place on the 6th, with us returning to Tauranga on the 9th.

Christmas went okay, the drama was fun, (did you like it mimei? Have I already asked this question?) But I think by the end we had done it about 20 times, and I was very happy to let it go.

My birthday was also fun, spent New Years Eve with the extended family, singing and dancing, it was neat. Got a really lovely amethyst bracelet from my parents, as well and this neat-azz purple striped singlet (which I chose).

Went to the Zoo yesterday with all and sundry, (Mum, Dad, Brother, Brother’s Girlfriend, Non-related extended fam: Aunt, Uncle, Brother.) Was neat. Loook! Piccs! Which I shall now try and find bizzare ways to link them in coz they are toooooooooooo large.

herin lie mysteries untold.... or maybe just zoo pics.... )

Other stuff:

Haven’t written anything lately, coz of travelling. :P.

ARG! Word just crashed and I lost half a page of stuff. Darn.

Well, I can’t be assed writing it all again, so if anyone has any questions I shall try and respond, other than that, Onward and outward!

[[Edit at 12:50am]] HAH! Take THAT stupid, dumb crap scene in Chapter Two! You think you can beat me!? Well, PH34R T3H WR4TH OV MINE P0W3333RZ! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA!

Also, you'd think after looking through 500 images of "fairy" on Google Image-search, you would find some nice fairy pics, but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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