22 March 2009 @ 01:32 am
holy crap  
I just wrote a fic. 2,000 words of fic that demanded to be written. (I know, I know, no big deal for like, every writer out there, but a big deal for me!)

Supernatural 4x16 coda. Of a sort. I'll be right back to post but I've gotta at least read it over once before bed. I just had to take a crow moment.
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07 February 2008 @ 08:09 pm
Wheee! Writing Bananza!  
I love it when my brain does this. I only wish it would be like this 70% of the time, instead of like, 1%.

Anyway, tho I have no fic to share right now, I must crow! Because not only did I get my homework done on time (I'm doing a summer paper on creative writing and I had to submit seven pages of typed poetry and song lyrics,) over the last week or so, I've done SOOOO much writing. I've in total now done 20 hand-written pages for DMT_06, my handwriting means that's around 4,000 words at a minimum or 200 per-page, PLUS I did seven pages of chapter 1 of one of my original fics! Wheeee!

The only downside is that those 4,000 words for DMT were supposed to take like, half that and I've still got three scenes to go, so it's going to be another long chapter ;_; *flaps*

Wat else? Well, the main thing that is ocupying my thoughts at the moment is that at some point soon, I MAY be buying a new computer. I feel bad because I know how hard my minako-chan has tried to keep up, but it's like she's got cancer or something, her insides are dying and she can't make _anything_ work properly any more. Because she is faithful (and firefox it a Nice program) Firefox is one of the few things that actually still work. Especially if I'm kind and make sure to give her plenty f time to think about it when I open and close. But, I mean, the wireless keeps dying, Word barely functions at ALL quite apart from the fact that it literally takes 10 minutes to open, I can't run two programs at the same time, (which means that I can't listen to music if I'm doing ANYTHING on the computer). And yeah, general angst. But man, if you are a discerning buyer, getting a new computer is expeeeensive, sheesh. And Vista is EVERYWHERE! I want to KILL IT! *hisses and spits at it*

Right, yes, that's all from my hood for a bit. Hope all are well.

P.S. I also love that I have a tag just for writing frenzies. That's fucking sweet and yet again proves to my why I should always love technology.
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11 January 2007 @ 12:14 am
Gaaaaaah! Evil writing frenzies!  
Writing is such a pain in the ass!!!! I have months of having to painfully drag the tiniest scrap of creativity out of me, and then one day I wake up so piping with writing-love that I have to force myself to stop on pain of well, pain. (Wrist-agony ahoy!) Yesterday I wrote ~500 words of Dry My Tears chapter five even though I'm not supposed to be working on it. Then today I started out with ~500 on Burn to Shine chapter seven and was going to leave it there. More fool am I! After watching Tv with my Dad I foolishly glanced at the chapter again tonight and just wanted to write one more word.

@_@ ~600 words later I _have_ to stop or a)My wrists will implode, b) My eyes will shrivel and die, and/or c)I will be late for work tomorrow due to over-sleeping.

On the positive side, BtS_07 is 1,576 words in already; I have had my first experience with Draco in full-blown rant mode, and I finished a scene I really didn't want to do coz I was sure it would be a pain to write (wasn't so bad, actually).

My only hope is that tomorrow I will not be creatively drained and can continue with a few hundred words (some nice, respectable number that mothers like their daughters to bring home. :P)

In other news:
I need to update my profile page. It's really out of date.

My parents are pressuring me to read my fic! Oh noes! I guess they're sick of hearing me go on about it and never showing them anything. EEP! I need to write some gen, and fast! *pouts* but I don't waaaaannaaaaa ;_; teh gen is teh lamez0r. :(
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