31 July 2005 @ 01:42 am
"Digglett-Dig! Digglett-Dig! Digglett-Dig!"

*shrnuffles around on the floor*

Well, I have my compuer back *pets computer* which I really need to come up with a cool name for, it wants a name. Though I can't quite decide whether it wants to be a boy or a girl. It's not really femminine, but I don't want a male to be holding all my secrets, so maybe it's like a demon, genderless. Maybe I could be terribly fan-girlish and call it Kiran. (I loves Kiran sooooooo much).

I totally bombed my last assignment during the shifting process, but ah well, see me care? Oh wait, I don't. Only problem being that the end of the year is starting to draw close, and I still really have no idea what I am going to do in 2006. If I were completely honnest, I would say one of three options:

a. Go to america somewhere and work with the international Snow leopard trust, maybe with Das

b. Do something random with Das (maybe we'll finally get around to walking up the length of the country like we always said we would.)

c. Go to uni and study as many varied things as possible, including, chemisty, Japanese, psychology, sociology. Maybe do some art courses..

But I can't get into uni, (though I think I might try again,) till 2007. And I don't really have the cash to go to America, or randomly walk up the length of the country. I'm sure I can figure something out, I just want it to be really exciting, kindof like, a gap year maybe, have fun and be wild before resposiblity permanantly sets in.

*sigh* I don't know..
Current Mood: contemplative