02 January 2008 @ 11:12 am
And so another year passes into the next....  
Well, here we are then. 2007 has passed and 2008 is beginning. Another year of my life has passed into the dust of time. I must say, I feel kinda sorry for people who don't have my birthday, because it makes thinking of years and age so much easier. My parents never had to think, 'shall we start her in school the year she turns 5, or when she turns 5?' or anything. No, I age with the passing of years and that is handy. Save for the people who never come to my parties coz their either drunk or hung over, still, there's always a big party on my birthday and usually fireworks, even if they're not supplied by whatever my people are doing, so I kinda like it.

Shall I reflect on 2007? I really can't be bothered. What did I do? I started University, passed, for the most part. Even got the odd decent mark in there, too. Yey. I... moved three times. I got and quit two different jobs. Had a nervous break down. Um? Updated my stories extremely sporadically... Made heaps of new friends! Woot! Learnt SO MUCH Japanese that my brain started spitting the words out the back so there was enough room to think... Got a C- on my Japanese final... -___-; Watched heaps of anime. Read HEAPS of fanfic. Found out that Anthropology is my complete dream subject. Ignored all my lovely friends because I mostly want to hide these days.

Um... yeah, I think that's most of it...

More rambling )
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18 November 2007 @ 02:34 pm
Leavin, on a jet-plane...  
The last week has had some of the most insane consecutive days in the history of my universe. I haven't slept properly or for long enough since Wednesday. @_@ Anthropology exam went okay, hopefully will get a decent mark for that one. Right now I'm trying not to scream at my flatmates, trying to organise packing and organise things that need to be prepared pre-leaving and all that stuff. Meanwhile I've got one of my best friends leaving the country in like, 3 hours and I've been helping her prepare and pack for the last 36 hours, so we're both completely losing our minds and fuck, I just want to crawl into a ball and cry.

Meanwhile, it's just occurred to me that not only am I going to be stuck in Tauranga for 6 weeks, I'm going to be away from my computer, only able to use my Dad's dailup-connection computer which has a PORN GUARD program on it! I'm not going to be able to access ANYTHING!!!! I don't know if it'll even let me access my LJ, so I'm letting y'all know so you don't freak if I disappear for an unknown amount of time. Don't fear though, without my internet or (possibly, if I don't find one) a job, I will be getting a lot of writing done which I hope to be able to post as soon as I get back here in the first week or so of January.

I will miss everything muchly, pray for my sanity (although not too much, preferably) and if I don't manage to visit till I get back, I hope everyone has a great holiday and Christmas/New Year, etc. Love love love love!


EDIT - Nov 27: Just popping by to say that I've finished the draft for BtS_08! Only like, 10 months later! It's all written up by hand so it's going to take me a while to type up and edit, but um, YAY, right? I'm estimating that the finished product will be about 5,000 words long, and at this point I'm really hoping that upon second read-through I'm not going to say something stupid like, 'this really needs the next scene added on the end now, instead of the scene waiting till next chapter.' coz that would be really, really stupid. Okay. I better go before my Dad spontaneously appears behind me, but all is reasonably well, save for frustration and pending RSI due to me typing out too much of the aforementioned chapter today. *looks sheepish* Ta for now!
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14 November 2007 @ 09:52 pm
Exams and such fiddle faddle.  
AHH! I need an angry icon. All my icons are depressed, wistful, calm, sad or funny. Sadly, this does sum up most of my moods, but I feel short-changed right now. I need to express my general sense of ARG.

I can't say I have a good reason for being ARG. Really, I should try to be positive, I had my Japanese exam today and it wasn't a _complete_ shit-fest*, so this is a good thing, right? Instead I dare to be ARG because I have one more exam tomorrow and I am under prepared and veeeerry wrung-out from being stressed all week(year). sigh. Also freaking due to the massive amount of fairly urgent things which need doing that I've been putting off till after exams. >8[

Anyway, just wanted to say, yay, exam one done. Trying to remain focussed on study and not just being like, 'okay, now I can reeeelax' :(

Fuck I'm looking forward to having some time for writing though. *yearns*

[*To clarify, since I'm learning that different people have different translations of 'the exam didn't go too badly' I mean, 'There is a very, very small chance that I did actually pass, which is a good thing.' as opposed to, 'I reckon I've a good chance of getting and A, not a B, so that's a good thing.']
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29 October 2007 @ 05:16 pm
Dork Moment!  
Hahaha, I just had to share: today I was stuffing around in my room with Ben Harper playing and his song Burn to Shine came on and I had this moment of, "Oh my gosh, why does that song have a line just like the title of my fic?"

.................. -_-;;

Brain: "Uhhh, well possibly because your fic is named after that song?"

...... *cough* >_>;;

XD I blame the sickness! (Currently recovering from a bad head-cold) I swear, I'm not _that_ much a blonde normally, I mean, my hair is more red than blonde, I swear! Ask mimei-senpai!

*points and laughs at self*

Meanwhile, exams loom, I'm visiting my parents from Nov 1st to 8th, then exams on the 14th and the 15th. Seriously under-prepared at this point. I blame the sickness? Trying not to think about flunking Japanese. *le sigh* Having some seriously crazy dreams the last couple of days. Whee! Writing stuff is in progress but on back-burner till after exams. Love love to all!
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14 October 2007 @ 03:28 pm
What are doing? Not Right Things.  
Yo! Wazzup?

Feelin freaky.

Next week is the final week of classes for 2007. Eeep! I have a test on Tuesday, a test on Thursday, and a HEAP of schoolwork to do in between because all my subjects are doing, 'massive revision of the whole semester' week. Joy.

Blather re school and WRITING WRITING WRITING )

What else is going on? Well, I've just finished watching the first season of Stargate Atlantis. It's funny, I'd seen one random episode aaaaages ago, and abandoned it as a waste of time, but watching it from the start meant that I got a very different feel about it. I mean, the acting is often still terrible, and the scripts, sets and storylines can grate a little, especially things like, EVERYONE IN SPACE IS WHITE! And, ALL CULTURES ARE THE SAME! (relatively, unless they're making a point about some specific difference). But overall these things are just ignorable in the face of the total cuteness of the show. Yeah, you heard me, I think it's cute. Cute. CUTE. It makes me feel all fuzzy. Which is odd, but hey.

Oooh! Oooh! Hey! This is actually relevant! I'm going to see my parents from the 1st-8th of November, then back for exams till the 18th, then going BACK to see the olds on the 19th of Nov till December 28ish. (Really long story as how all that managed to happen!) So if I don't update more before all that happens, that's where I am and I maaay not be around much. (which is just sooo unusual these days, isn't it!? -_-;;) But who knows, I may be around more. I just won't have access to my own computer, is all. I will be spending Christmas with the parents AND one of my brothers, which is pretty sweet, (my two brothers don't really care about Christmas so I haven't had them around for it for four years) so yeah, I'm vuuuury excited. Yeeey!

Alright, I'm going to bugger off now, I need to start looking at homework.

Love love!
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30 September 2007 @ 08:59 pm
Doing Stuff! Finally!  
Hah! The universe does not _totally_ defeat me! Hear me roar!

I have discovered an amazing thing! If I don't make any elaborate plans and stay in for most of the weekend, I have heaps of time for BOTH slacking off AND getting things done! (Though it would have been nice if my flatmates had told me before 9pm that they had changed the dishes schedule around and now I have a Mammoth Pile of dishes to do before bed which is likely to take me about an hour. -_-) So! Not only have I read massive amounts of fiction, done some (not enough, was planning on using that dishes hour for more) homework, but I have ALSO done some WRITING!

I know! I know! It's completely INSANE! It's so insane, that I had to spend like, an hour just reading through (some of) the story-notes for like, five different stories just to remind myself of what's supposed to be happening next. (I say 'some of' because reading through all the notes for those stories would likely as take me about five hours. No time have I ever felt more vindicated in my obsessive notation than today though, when I was re-reading the last chapter of DMTs and as I read, I thought at least three times, 'oh shit, what was I doing with that plot thread again?' only to find all the information I needed in moments of looking in my notebook. HAH!) Then of course, I had the conundrum of knowing that I only had about 2 hours to work on writing, but I had one million and twenty five different things I wanted to work on. See brain freak-out!

Anyway, I ended up working on BtS (also known by my system as HPFF1. Who wants to guess what the others stand for? And who wants to lay a wager on the Mysterious Missing HPFF3 which I have yet to admit that I'm writing and what it's about? Hmmmm?) And got about 700 words done. Woot! Being as that takes the total word-count for chapter 8 up to 2,100, that's a good sign. (my minimum word count per chapter is 2,500-ish) However the chapter still needs at least one more scene in it so I have no idea how long that will take, probably another 1000-2000max words? Dunno.

Anyway, I'm blathering. Uni is good. I've got three weeks of class left and then it's all OVA, save for exams. ...And then I'm doing summer papers, but my first year still will officially be over, so it's all good. Expecting at this point to pass at least two of my current papers, (Anthropology and Chinese History) definitely fail one (Russian History - and that's only because I missed an essay when I was sick that was worth 40%, so I don't get guilts for it) and maaaaaaybe pass Japanese if I'm able to catch up on the vocab before the exam, but I've got a lot of time for that, so I'm not toooooo freaked out. ..... >_>;;

Jaa, hope all are well! Wish me luck with fitting in more writing time over the next few months and we might get to see some more chapters, ne?

Love love!

Page out.

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07 September 2007 @ 12:57 am
Learning to Swim  
Okay, just a quick fly-by note again. I may update with something more conversational later, but for now I have no time despite LJ calling.

Life, kicks my ass, with big steel-capped boots. Not asking for a pity-party or anything here, but SHEESH! How much crap can be packed into one year? I don't know, I don't WANT to know. What I do know is that it's a lot more than I thought it would be. To explain this bitching a tad, last term went something like this:
Weeks 1-2: "Whheeeeeeeee! I love being at uni so much!! ...Holy CRAP my workload is insane this semester... ARG! Stressing about flats! >:["
Week 3: "Yay Uni! Oh! Ah! (<- not sex noises) Flat! WAH! Moving is mega hassle! Stressszzz. [pause] *looks at schedule* ........Excuse me? I have only 3 weeks left of term and HOW MANY assignments/tests/essays????!!?? PANIC-DESU!"
Week 4: "Okay, must focus on working, ah, my life is crazy, wtf, okay, focus, yes hah..." My Boss - "So, do you want to work more than twice your normal shifts for the next 3 weeks?" Me - "Oh.. um, money is really good when you're in as much debt as I am and I'm being all focus-y on my workload, so I _should_ be able to manage, so um, yesss?" (<- I am very stupid.)
Week 5: "AH! FLAIL! *procrastinates* ... *misses classes due to flailage* Panic panIC PANIC PANIC PANIC!
Week 6: Universe - "Hmm, she thinks that the shit has already hiteth the fan. Hah, Hah. HAHAHAHAHAHA! *curses*" Me - "Ack!" *gets virus of DOOM* *tries to keep going anyway* *gets bronchitis as WELL as virus of doom* *f(l)ails* Essays/tests/assignments are done/not done to varying degrees or suckdom. Work is VERY annoyed with me.
Week 7: (holidays) "Oh bloody hell. I HATE YOU, UNIVERSE!!!" *tries to catch up on essays. fails. submits one of two two days late, ignores the other altogether as a lost-cause.* Universe - *laughs* Me - *gives up and sleeps for several days*
Week 8: (now, still holidays) "I would like to register a complaint or something here, people," *eyes Burn to Shine and DMTs forlornly* *picks up homework* "Sighhhh" panic panic. Sensei - "So, I haven't received your aegrotat from the registry yet..." Me - ".......... I don't even know why I bother, seriously people. Seriously." *ignores life and spends day walking through the botanical gardens with friend checking out the daffodils.* *comes home and regrets this, cracks open the study study study study.*

Le sigh.

So yeah. Me being not around has some basis in reality, not just me being depressed and antisocial. (Although there's that, too.) I really miss everyone. I miss the fandom. And MAN, I REALLY miss writing. So. Fucking. Much. Yeah, depending on how much of this amazing shittiness that seems to magically appear from nowhere gets piled on me next term, I'm hoping to have some more time for writing as I get myself a bit more organised. We'll see, ne?

Also, Brief comments about Deathly Hallows, and yes, there are spoilers aplenty )

Also quick comment about the whole child-porn debacle )

...Holy crap, that wasn't really a short update after all, was it? *looks sheepish* It's reeeeeally late now and I gotta go to bed before insuring that working tomorrow will be total torture, but I'm glad I was able to get some of this stuff out there.

(Oh and, Hi to all the people who have friended me lately. It never fails to amaze me. Welcome aboard. ^_^)

Hope everyone is good! Let me know the Goss! Laterz dudes and dudettes!

Page out!
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06 August 2007 @ 09:25 pm
Returning to the Fandom  
Hey all, more apologies for not being around. Massive apologies for still not updating BtS. On a positive note, I am currently in the process of shifting to my new flat, which will HOPEFULLY be completed without too many hitches by tomorrow evening. After that I've just got normal life of masses of homework and work and stuff to distract me from writing, so there's a good chance that I'll start getting back into things.

Another thing that is going to help the progress of burn to shine, (I hope) is that I am also currently in the process of returning to the fandom. I don't know how many of you are aware of this, but over the last 8 months (or so, I'm not actually sure of the dates) I have almost completely abandoned my OTP (H/D), and almost gone off Harry Potter fanfiction altogether. Yeah, I know, scary. I guess after reading probably at least a thousand, if not two, fics in the same genre, one gets a little stifled by it all. HOWEVER, (before people start panicking) over the last couple of months, very very slowly, I've been in the process of re-introducing myself to the fandom. I realised that, quite apart from how insane the last few months have been, a large part of why I wasn't writing BtS was I just didn't care as much about what was happening to my boys. I'd lost my empathy for them and their story. So yeah, quietly, I am trying to ease back into reading some H/D here and there. Wish me luck, okay?

Oh and, since I've been out of the loop for so bloody long, can anyone rec me some of the newer, (finished) really good quality H/D? (or Harry/Snape, Harry/Lucius or Harry/Tom(Voldemort) -those slashes are not indicative of position, btw-))

Random aside about new fandoms I've been enjoying in my absence from Potter-fic )

Anyway, my connection and living status are rather vague at the moment, so I don't know how much I'm going to be around, but I just wanted to give everyone a big wave and say, "I'm not dead yet! (I feel happiiiii!)" and that I hope everyone else well.


Edit, Tuesday night: Just doing a fly-by to say that I have moved and I have internet etc. Yay. I still don't have a desk so I'm operating from the floor, but still, at least the connection works. Can't do a proper update because although I'm mostly settled, I skipped class today to shift, and I have a LOT of work to do. So yeah, yayyay etc.
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21 July 2007 @ 10:41 am
Harry Potter 7 and shifting day! (spoiler-free!)  
Hi all! Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm going to be shifting today to my new flat, AND, in about oh, 2 hours I'm picking up the LAST, FINAL, END book of Harry Potter *cries*. So, for both of these reasons I'm not going to be around the internet for an unknown amount of time. My new flat has wireless so I won't have internet till I can got a card-thingy, which will depend on money/time etc to get one. It might be the end of today, it might be the end of the week, I'm not sure. Also, HP6 took me about 24 hours to finish (with 10 hours sleep and short food-breaks included) last time. But as I said, I'm shifting today, so I'm not going to have as much time to vege out.

Even if I get my internet up and running today, I'm not coming back online till I've read the book because I don't want anything spoilt by anyone who has actually READ the end. *points at lame-ass anonymous people who have been spamming with clearly not-the-end spoilers* Unlike those losers. So that might take a little longer. Dunno.

Anyway, wish me well with my ventures, today, and I wish everyone well with theirs!

P.S. I'm turning off anonymous posting until the end of this spamming thing. Hope that's not a problem for anyone.

Big fat edit: Went over to the flat to begin the moving-in process, and it was bad news after bad news after bad news and by the end of it, I came home, called my parents and said, "I can't go there! There are crazies and they want me to replace the fridge and people are having parties and trashing the place and not paying the bills and the bond (which they hadn't mentioned previously) is way too high!" So txt'd the guy and said I was pulling out. Which I feel SOOOOO bad for, but they hadn't indicated previously that there was going to be NO FRIDGE and the bond was really high and I was like, this place is BAD NEWS! So I ran away. Then felt awful, bought myself junk food and went to the movies (all by myslf, which wasn't actually as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It was just like doing anything by yourself, really...) but yeah. Major bummer. /edit
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14 July 2007 @ 10:21 pm
And then there was some stuff, and some more stuff, then some stuff again  
Hi hi all.

Sorry that I've been a little on the away side lately, exams followed by people visiting followed be me getting SICK ;_; has led to me not having much time for the internet. All ignored people, please feel un-ignored, I have read all comments and wish to share my love with you all. *hands out flowers*

I start class again on Monday though I'm still waiting on my results to find out if I passed Japanese. :/ Also, in this wonderful, never-ending stream of insanity that attempts to prevent me from ever having time for anything, I have been asked by my family to move out of my Nanna's place by the end of the month. *le sigh* SO, as such, I have been spending most of my time over the last few days trying to find flats, coz with work and class, I'm really not going to have a massive amount of spare time for that sort of thing soon.

As mentioned above, I am sick. (AGAIN!) Not massively awfully so, but bad enough that today consisted of about 2 hours spent out of bed total. Actually, I really should go get myself something to eat now, but I can't really be bothered. I'm in that awful, gross state you get when sick where you're really bored and want to do something but all suggestions meet with strong disapproval. From my bed-ridden state I have watched masses of anime, movies and dramas, which have mostly just served to give me a nasty crick in the neck. (mimei, I finished hana yori dango, OMG LOVE LOVE 4EVAR! BEST ending prize!! I've also watched everything else except for eternal summer and the last few episodes of 1 litre of tears. Those movies were a bit wtf, but loveless was really neat (if frustrating)). Also read enough that my book is boring me to death, and I have both a neck-crick AND sore eyes from peering at the screen from my bed while trying to read manga.

Anyway, enough of my complaining, I'm going to trrrrrry and do some writing and study, but my brain is pretty fogged-up at this point, and tomorrow I've off checking out flats for most of the day. More news and rants about fun-holiday-madness to come! (hopefully)

Love love!
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21 June 2007 @ 09:27 pm
I have a JOB! All hail and glory!  

Oh yeah, that's right, job is me. Me is job. Job is kickass rocksaw omg garden house* of COOOL!


It's at a jewellery kiosk where I am not permitted to sit. (Even on the rubbish bin! The RULES SAY SO!!!) And I'm workin from 12-4:30 on Friday, and 2:30-4:30 on Monday. Awesomeness ahead. I am sooooooo thrilled and now I'm really really super-duper looking forward to next semester! Onward and upward! Sure, more hours might have been better money-wise, but I have such a mega workload next semester (compared to what I'm used to) that it'll probably be perfect.

So yeah, I totally get all weekend and every evening free, plus it's just stylish-casual wear so I can go straight from uni and, all in all, I'm sweet-fucking-as. *dances more* I'm really looking forward to a semester of normality and schedule-sameness. It will hopefully encourage me to have good writing-headspace.

Anywayzz, I gtg, I need to cook myself an egg and then get ready for bed. Sleep is me because tomorrow work is me. Love love everyone and thanks to all who cheered me on in the land of no-work. hugs for all!

*garden house lives in my brain. Garden house is a name of a restaurant that is regularly referred to in my Japanese text book. Everything is 'ガーデンハウスは どですか。' (How about, (we go to) Garden House?) Apparently, although ジム ハリスさん (Jim Harris) and 山本 みち子さん (Yamamoto Michiko) are quite happy to go and eat there, カレン ロペス (Karen Lopez) thinks that it is too うるさい (noisy). Isn't that just sooooooo fucking interesting, that you want to read about it about 50 million times??????? @_@ (sorry, learning a language can be very... interesting, sometimes...)
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12 June 2007 @ 12:20 am
Okay no, not completely, but I do kinda suck. I just checked, and I haven't updated Burn to Shine since JANUARY. JANUARY!!! I'm surprised some of the readers haven't sent packs of rabid flying monkeys to me in the mail. (Though I would like to point out that the crazy-rabid-ness of the flying monkeys was a total fabrication, and they were actually quite nice but being forced to do the Wicked Witch's bidding and even gave Dorothy the Golden Cap when she got rid of witch. So there.)

I really am sorry about this. Does anyone remember me saying, oh like, almost _two years ago_ that I didn't want to become one of those writers who took around three years to publish one fanfic? Well.... Yeah.... I'm so screwed, aren't I?

On the positive side, I've finally got out of the Evil Flats of Doom and am now at my Nanna's place. I'm here until I can get a job so that I can afford a new flat where there aren't psycho people. (Have a job interview tomorrow morning, everyone pray for me! ...unless you worship Satan. In which case I'll pass if that's alright, but wish me well, okay?) Then I shall move, again. -_-;; Meanwhile currently I'm in the first week of two weeks of study-break, then I have two exams the following week then two weeks holiday with memei-senpai and simon-kun (san? I'm still soooo bleary about honorifics) which is going to be AWESOME! Then semester two starts which is going to have a double-sized workload. @_@ I am _hoping_, however, that despite more work- being in a regular schedule might help me to be in a good frame of mind for writing. (better than the last 6 months, anyway.)

Thus, for the next two weeks my two priorities are study and writing. I've started in on bts_08 and I am hoping that once I really get writing it will be as fast to write as chapter seven was. Wish me well, everyone.

P.S. *looks around* I think this means my non-hiatus is non-over. >_>; We'll see?
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17 May 2007 @ 11:35 pm
I am not on hiatus!  
I just want to say that although I have disappeared off the face of the earth temporarily, I am not on hiatus. I have re-learnt to define the statement, 'It never rains but it pours' and a lot of crap is happening all at once in my life at the moment.

Not that it's all bad, a lot of good has been happening too, just so much crap that I physically don't have enough hours in the day for all the things I should be doing, which is pretty freakin stressful right now.

Anyway, a very, very long story short: I am very busy, I am not replying to many things I should be and I am not really around much but I am definitely not on hiatus. Chapter 8 of BtS is in progress, a very, very slow progress but it's definitely on the burner. Life, I hope, will eventually calm down and I will hopefully get a bit of a better handle on things. Till then, sporadic is me. Hope everyone is well.

Page out.
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04 May 2007 @ 04:33 am
Fuck fuck fuck fuck  
Tryyyying to to an all-nighter.

Had forgotten how much I _like_ sleep.

Understand now why people refer to the bed as 'calling' them - it has had a sub-audible running dialogue in my right ear for the last three hours.

I really, really, really want to be writing right now. Must study.

Want to be writing _original fic_ of all things! Shock Horror! Maybe even HET or GEN! @_@ Can you BELIEVE it!?!?

Still looking for an artist to draw my manga/anime idea. *prods world hopefully*

If I go to sleep right now, I will sleep through class. Specifically (or most importantly anyway,) Japanese Culture. We're doing Buddhism and I don't think I'll pick up enough from just the powerpoint if I miss it. *le sigh* Interesting religion... personally I think they need to discuss the concept of an emotion called, 'joy', but still, it's important to respect and understand people's beliefs, especially if you want to understand _them_. *eyes the bed again*

Fuck it. I fail. (possibly literally!!)

Although I did pass (just!) everything from the end of term, so that's good. Jap-culture exam on Monday was.... interesting... don't think I'll have failed though. Psyc exam this Saturday however.... well, it really doesn't help you to be motivated to study when you're depressed, don't care about the subject, _and_ you don't actually need the credit at all. *sigh*

I'm going to bed.
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05 April 2007 @ 08:26 pm
And Start  
Okay so, officially my holidays start today. Which means I've got three weeks to catch up on all my classes, write my Jap culture essay, study for a psyc exam, find a new job, (quitting as of this weekend - current job sending me into hysterical fits) and write as much as is humanly possible in an effort to have some kind of writing backlog to last me though the next term. ?? Is this even possible? I have no idea, but I'm at least going to try.

My Japanese exam was today. -_-; It could have been worse, I'll admit, but it would have been nice if I'd gone in knowing more than about 40% of the vocab. :/ As it was, I knew the right 40% to pass, so it's not the end of the world, but it was pretty hairy there for a while. (Beforehand I maaaay have been witnessed yelling loudly to a friend about failing for a good 10 minutes. Luckily she works with mentally ill children, so she's used to talking down people mid-panic attack. ;_; I know, I'm a sad excuse for a human being, but I managed to walk into the examination room without fainting, so I'm satisfied.) My work tried to get me on tonight because they had a sick call in, but my phone was on silent so I didn't even get it until now, which is a bit too late. Strangely, I'm not heartbroken.

I have been writing a bit lately but it's sort-of off topic. Working on a prequel to a story I haven't written yet.


...Don't ask...

Anyway, my priority is sleep, new job, DMT_05, BtS_08 then whatever study can fit in the gaps this holiday. Let's hope my evil master plan works out!
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01 April 2007 @ 09:59 pm
Psuedo Studying  
Okay so, I have a massive report I'm supposed to be working on. Status... well... I've done like... a third? Still got a fairly massive chunk and it's really gotta be done tonight. So yeah, wish me luck!

You can see how helpful my brain is being at the moment with this collection of doodle-icious distraction.


Edit: Monday night. Just got the abstract and the references to go. Brain... Melting... Concentration... wavering... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Edit2: Later Monday night. Finched. thankyouthankyouthankyouGod!
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29 March 2007 @ 06:10 pm
I kiell myself.  
I, my friends, have gone mad.

I ask: Why the hell am I working on a new story? I have two chapters overdue, a test on Thursday next week and a report I haven't started due on Tuesday. Why, oh please tell be why, am I working on a new story?


Side note: I am so bad at Japanese. Japanese hates me and wants to cause me PAIN. Japanese is the embodiment of hell on earth designed specifically to make me love it enough to not want to quit, but for it to be beneath-the-nails torture in every excruciating moment of class.

the end.
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25 March 2007 @ 07:15 pm
Talking about stuff coz I like to talk  
I feel like I never update this journal with non-writing entries any more. Of course, this could have a lot to do with my innate laziness, but still, I should be making an effort. Right now I'm supposed to be studying, so of course it's a perfect moment to be making a journal entry.

Uni kills my brain. I missed a week's worth of classes with being sick the other week, and quite apart from missing tests and stuff, it's really left me on the back foot with Japanese. Like, I exit each class feeling rather grey and saying, 'Oh man, I hate Japanese'. Which I don't really mean, I love the language, and I love learning it, I just am seriously overwhelmed at the moment. (To the point where I've actually been doing homework! Shocking!). Meanwhile for psyc I've got this report due in a week which is seriously over my head. I have to read an actual official experiment report and the jargon they use is so convoluted it has me staring at the page going 'Huh?' for huge chunks of time. I've actually started highlighting things just to help the sentences make sense. ;_; Still have no time and too many nights at work (applied for a new job the other day, but they haven't got back to me yet). The only plus at the moment is that I seem to be adjusting to not sleeping as many hours and I've been able to function a lot better this week. Hopefully it's not just a phase.

What else? Uhhh, my flatmates are still really great apart from our resident bum (whom I had an actual yelling-fight with today, after he started turning lights off at the frigging switch-board. (don't ask)), we all sit in the hallways and waste time we should be spending on study a lot. Not writing much, kinda pissed off at the whole concept at the moment. (don't ask) Have millions of emails to write to people. already looking forward to mid-year break coz I'll get to see my miiiiimei. Getting pretty family-lonely. :/

Yeah, that'll do for now. Love love!

Edit: I am so excited right now! I've FINALLY downloaded and installed onto my comp a game I've been wanting for years but can't get because it's no-longer being produced. So happy right now. Must be careful not to play in all spare (and not spare) time.
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