27 October 2012 @ 10:08 pm
Blame Derek's face  
Hi hi!

Just FYI, like half the people on your flist, I have kind of abandoned Livejournal and am now mostly over on the dreaded tumblr. I am Prairie-Grass over there toots.

I'm not a 30-billion re-blogs a day lady, but would love some more people to squeal about Things with, so, you know, if you're tumblr-inclined, come hang out.

Second point the second (but not really):

Fandom wise, I'm ALSO like half the people on your flist and have sunk DEEPLY into the DEPTHS of Teen Wolf fandom. I am deep-sixed by the shirtless werewolves and their flaily human companion...

So there's that.

Meanwhile tonight after getting out of bed at 8:30pm, I am finally getting some shit done and listening to Florence's new album REALLY LOUD and it's awesome coz it's Saturday and my bro is playing video games online with my other bro so he can't hear me and my flatmate is in Brazil so she can't either. YAY FOR LATE-NIGHT LOUDNESS AND DOING OF STUFF!
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Current Music: Florence and the Machine - Ceremonials