23 May 2011 @ 10:18 am
Name change! page_r -> prairie_grass  
Hi all. Been ages I know, ra de ra.

PSA entry is a PSA.

A few things of note:

1. I'm changing my LJ handle. page_r is finally transforming from a random name that people confuse with an obsession with pagers, to [ profile] prairie_grass. This will occur shortly, just thought y'all should know.

As part of this, this is gonna stuff up Dreamwidth for a bit, because I can't afford TWO name-changes. THUS, what is happening, is [personal profile] prairie_grass already exists at dreamwidth, but is not linked to page_r at dreamwidth. I'll be uploading (downloading? side-loading?) my livejournal to that journal soon, and posting a PSA to the old one that the links will die when I eventually delete it, but all the same content can be found in the new one. Does that make sense to everyone? I doubt there will be TOO many people with links to fic or whatever at my Dreamwidth account, so hopefully it won't cause a major inconvenience. Please re-friend the new account as you so desire.

2. My thesis is due in four weeks, as well as the first part of my original novel. As you might understand, I am a little crazy right now. A year and a half of work finally coming to a close! @_@ Don't expect to see me much before then. Though after that I might suddenly be around a lot bugging everyone! XD

3. I'm gonna be taking part in the Sam/Dean OTP mini-big bang this year. It's not a huge amount of writing and everything I've been working on has been so Srs lately that I want to do something fun. Wooo!

Also, my reaction re finale? \o/

Now, off to engage name-change!
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24 September 2010 @ 01:05 pm
Attention span o... BUNNIES!  
Muuust stay foooooocussed! *glares at screen*

Don't you just love it when you have an essay that's really due URGENT URGENT DO YOUR WORK NOW due, and all you can do is rotate through LJ, Facebook, three different emails, look back at the essay, write one word then repeat process? That is today, for me.

I have post S5 fic that I am trrrrryyyying to finish before Show (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!) tomorrow, but see essay for why it probably won't get done on time.

I am REALLY FUCKING EXCITED about Show tomorrow. Oh my GOSH. It'll be coming out in the early evening tomorrow (Saturday here) and can take between 1 and 5 hours to download, (if I compare to previous experiences) and I know I won't be able to do ANYTHING in the mean time. I could re-watch? I guess? *flails* I just hope I can finish watching before, you know, 2am. I have Kung Fu at 8AM on Sunday, which I think is AWFUL and CRUEL and UNUSUAL.

Also, GLEE! Yay! Rachel/Michelle is WAY TOO SKINNY, oh my GOSH girl, go eat a PIE!

Right, yes, essay. I'll get right on that.
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04 June 2010 @ 01:03 am
I can't help the little part of my heart that is breaking but mostly I'm REALLY GLAD for these two:

I'm sure there will be plenty of squealing about the J's and hugging and pics and stuff, but I was seized by the need to post this pic because HOW CREEPY do they look here? I saw this and went, That's Barbie and Ken! Look at them and their perfectness? I feel like something has changed about Danneel's face in the last year or so and I barely recognise her now. Is it just me? If so, feel free to ignore. If she's put on some weight then I fully support it because that girl is thin.

Anyway, mostly YAY WEDDINGS! Though I do really want to write more of my Gen/Danneel fic. It is hawt. (if I do say so myself)

In other news I've been really badly sick. And semester is finishing in a week and a bit so I'm really busy and really emotionally fucked because I haven't really slept properly for about two weeks. :/

Carry on!

(pic nabbed from here via x5vale@LJ)
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25 March 2010 @ 10:45 am
[Season 5 spoliers. But I'm not cutting coz... Season 5 has been going for a while now, dudes.]


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19 November 2009 @ 11:26 pm
Supernatural Fic - Turning in to the Wind (1/2)  
( You're about to view content that the journal owner has marked as possibly inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. )
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10 November 2009 @ 01:03 am
love is in the air  

J2 will always be my main love but if I'm going to read some het, Danneel better damn well be in it and I WANT SOME PROPOSAL FIC!

*throws confetti*

I'm just so HAPPY for them! I don't fear for the fandom at ALL really, (esp if Jared and Gen are engaged too, that's just too perfect for double-blind scenarios.

OOO! In fact, I feel compelled to point out that Jensen and Danneel started being more open and spending-time ish around when Genevieve started working on Spn. Did Danneel develop an epic romance? I THINK SO. In fact, someone also needs to write the epic romance of Gen and Danneel as well in the context of some J2 lovvviiin.)

Okay, back in reality-land, so, SO happy for Jensen and Danneel. I really hope it works out for them.

(linky, for those who don't know)

Also, another 700 words today. Aiming to finish tomorrow or Weds. Also sorted out majority of enrolment for 2010. Yay.
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08 November 2009 @ 11:54 am
the time has come (or almost, anyway)  
I had an exciting moment on Friday while writing when I suddenly realised that I was writing the last scene of my post-S4 AU. I was a little surprised, because I'd been expecting the write maybe another four or so after that, but a little voice went, 'You know, this would be a really good point to end the fic.' and after thinking about it for a while I couldn't help but agree.

SO! I have to finish this scene, and there are two earlier scenes I've basically just gone, 'put the scene with the coffee and knives here' or whatever, but after that and some editing it will, after five months, be DONE.

(I don't suppose anyone would be able to pull beta duty for me in a couple of days?)

EEE! Excited!!
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30 September 2009 @ 01:33 pm
By the way  
Can someone please tell me what is going on with Sam's sideburns at the moment? Are they ALWAYS that insane? Much more of this craziness and he and Wolverine will be having a extreme-hair-off.

I somehow just can't quite picture him in the early hours scraping so carefully away to emphasise his cheekbones just so. o_0

P.S. Dollhouse Season 2? Oh YES PLEASE.

P.P.S. I'm having one of my bad weeks. I hate the world. Fic is up to 7,000 words though.
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27 September 2009 @ 12:45 pm
what she said  
Uhhhhhg. I swear I woke up with a mini-hangover this morning. After ginger-beer, thai food and TEA last night. Fear the non-alcoholic beverages. Feeeeeear them.

Blaaaaah. Either that or I'm sick because this headache isn't my friend. I could pass on the slight fever, too.

Meanwhile, it's daylight savings today, the kind where you lose an hour, so getting up for work tomorrow is going to be a real party.

I really wanted to write more today but I doubt enthusiasm is going to overcome the brain-sludge any time soon.

[very very vague SPN S5 spoilers:

It occurred to me today, that despite SPN hurting our hearts so much at the moment, it does seem to be a very prolific time for the fandom, you know, if just for discussion of who the boys are and where their priorities are. I'm enjoying the fic that's being produced, and I hope there will be more.


ooooooooooow, my head. *drinks water hopefully*
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25 September 2009 @ 09:58 pm
I am a genius! Or, SPN 5x03 reaction  
( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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24 September 2009 @ 02:21 pm
I just got very confused as to why I had a tab open in the corner of Firefox that appeared on first glance to be about the Satan Bible. o_0

Then my brain engaged and I remembered that all of oh, ten minutes ago, I was looking up references to Satan in the Bible for the fic I'm writing. But yeah. Confusion moment. Today I am at 600 words and counting. (Fic is at 5,600), about another 3-4 scenes to go I hope before it's done. Looks like my estimate of 10,000 words will be about right.

I had an awesome night and Kung Fu yesterday, I actually was getting a lot of stuff right, and so were most of the other newer students and our Instructor was getting really excited that we were so in the game. Was a real buz. Anyway, I have to stop writing here or I'm not going to have time to finish this scene before uni this avo. Might be making Pavlova tomorrow! Exciiiiiting! (My first! It'll probably flop but I DON'T CARE!)

EDIT: 1,000 words and scene 1 is done! (I skipped it earlier because I wasn't sure what the show would do and if I could work it in.) Getting close to the finiiiiish. I am exciiiited. It's been so long since I've put up a complete story!
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18 September 2009 @ 09:11 pm
Supernatural 5x02 episode reaction  
This will be short )
11 September 2009 @ 09:43 pm
Supernatural 5x01 ep reaction  
( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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10 September 2009 @ 01:59 pm

No, really, I actually feel a little bit drugged or something. My eyes aren't even focusing right. This assignment isn't THAT hard! But I can't concentrate to save myself! I'm not even particularly sleep-deprived right now. :(

I'm gonna give up in a minute, go call my work and find out why the hell my pay cheque hasn't come in, go into uni and pick up the key to the ballroom for Kung Fu on Sunday and hopefully by then that will be enough of a break to get the old brain functioning again. Maybe I need food. I probably just need food, everyone.

SUPERNATURAL TOMORROW! I'm annoyed because I might not get to see it until like, 5am the next morning, but DAMN if I'm going to wait till I get back from my brother's party on Saturday before I watch it. @_@

I'm not going to have my fic finished on time, but I'll finish it asap anyway. li
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09 September 2009 @ 10:59 am
FIE upon Sam Winchester!  
Okay, maybe that's a little overkill, (Sam does already have enough fie in his life without me adding to it,) but DAMN if that boy is hard to write! Usually one of this things I don't have too much trouble with in writing is getting the voices right, but Sam just keeps sounding like Dean! AHRG! How does Jared make him sound so different? I really don't have enough time to go on a Sam-voice mission right now!

I'm trying to get this darned fic done before Friday (I'm in the future, it's Friday here when it comes out.) I had given up on any chances but then I got all inspiiiired. And I'm so close! But I have an assignment to write and only today and tomorrow to do both but I'm SO CLOSE! And the extra hard bit is depending on what happens in ep 5_01 I could either get completely Jossed OR be able to work this fic in with minimal trouble and have a whole extra week to work on it but there's NO WAY TO BE SURE!

Meanwhile Sam is being annoying. But I love him anyway. Oh sigh.

EDIT: 1,600 words later I have to run to get my assignment done but I'm liking the chances of this fic getting finished tomorrow. Anyone going to be around to look it over because I'm going to have to post in a hurry? Even if I can't get it done I'm pretty happy with what I've got so I'll put it out even if the show stuffs it up.
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18 August 2009 @ 06:57 pm
Entertain me!  
I'm bored! (read: doing my homework.)

Internet! Bring forth a source of entertainment!

I don't have a poll function but if there's anyone similarly bored:

Tell me one thing you'd like to see in

1) SPN season 5 episode 01
2) Season 5 in general

and 3) what's something you would like to do/write/read BEFORE season 5?

My answers:
1. Sam and Dean to kiss and make up. And snuggle. And kiss.
2. Sam having superpowers without being so angry
3. I would like to get my post-22 fic finished! Canon go away and do not spoil eeeet!
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06 August 2009 @ 06:46 pm
It's everywhere!  
I would like to preface this with two things. One, I am COMPLETELY unspoiled. Two, I want to say a big thank you to everyone in fandom who is being really considerate about spoiling.

But HOLY FUCK it's hard to avoid spoilers right now. Like, they're EVERYWHERE. You can't go two seconds right now in fandom without seeing a spoiler cut. And yes, I'm extremely grateful that (on LJ at least) those are spoiler CUTS not the actual information, but but... *flails* I really want to reeeeead them! And every time I manage to resist, I move all of about four pages down and BAM there's another one!


Meanwhile, I'm still working surprisingly hard on fic this week, there's one in particular I want to get out before S5 starts so I'm trying to hurry but it's coming out completely crap, so that's annoying. :/ And my essay is due tomorrow and only half-done. Woooo.

EDIT: My evening went... posted entry, got on twitter, got spoiled. *laughs helplessly*

EDIT EDIT: Discussion of said casting spoiler in comments. But seriously, if you're freaking out like I was, don't. It has nothing to do with the actual plot of the show.
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09 June 2009 @ 11:46 pm
I'm not here! I'm studying! Really!  
AHHHHHH! I am finding it really, REALLY hard not to read Flesh's big-bang! It's one of the four or so I'm actually looking forward to. BUT I'M NOT ALLOWED BECAUSE IF I START I WON'T STOP.


I would go into uni tomorrow to escape the lure, but I'd just end up going crazy and reading it in the computer labs. Porn or no! I HAVE NO SHAME!

*closes her LJ tab and goes to find her course-reader*
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28 May 2009 @ 08:52 pm
This is one of those boring 'Peeji is writing an essay' entries  
I'm in the middle of writing an essay and it's driving me INSANE. Because I watched Spn eps 16, 17, and 18 last night with a friend, (which are three of my favourite episodes for the season,) and I was hit really hard with a plot bunny and ALL I WANT TO DO IS WRITE. But I have to write this stupid essay instead.

*cries and flaps*

The essay is due tomorrow, too, so I can't even put it off. *sighs* But, but, Deeeeeeean! Saaaaaam! *clutches them*

Anyway, that's all. Except I know way more about Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis than I ever thought I would need to. It's almost as bad as when I had to do an essay on goats. o_0

EDIT: *falls over* I just spent like, an hour re-doing my ENTIRE layout (on Dreamwidth). I found the other one too narrow. This one is a liiiittle bit buggy for me, but it's much prettier. Also updated all the links and formatting on my profile page. I think I'm ready for everyone to come over to DW now. *lays out welcome mat*
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