29 October 2007 @ 05:16 pm
Dork Moment!  
Hahaha, I just had to share: today I was stuffing around in my room with Ben Harper playing and his song Burn to Shine came on and I had this moment of, "Oh my gosh, why does that song have a line just like the title of my fic?"

.................. -_-;;

Brain: "Uhhh, well possibly because your fic is named after that song?"

...... *cough* >_>;;

XD I blame the sickness! (Currently recovering from a bad head-cold) I swear, I'm not _that_ much a blonde normally, I mean, my hair is more red than blonde, I swear! Ask mimei-senpai!

*points and laughs at self*

Meanwhile, exams loom, I'm visiting my parents from Nov 1st to 8th, then exams on the 14th and the 15th. Seriously under-prepared at this point. I blame the sickness? Trying not to think about flunking Japanese. *le sigh* Having some seriously crazy dreams the last couple of days. Whee! Writing stuff is in progress but on back-burner till after exams. Love love to all!
Current Mood: amused