03 May 2010 @ 11:52 am
This icon is me, right now.  
Willow summarises me perfectly. I have been sick now for almost two weeks. This stupid half-sickness that keeps me feeling like shit enough that I don't want to do anything but not shit enough that I can't, so I keep rushing around being the busy busy beaver that I am, and not getting enough sleep and generally stressing so I keep NOT getting better! I just biked to uni on a LOWER gear than I normally do and I nearly DIED. I think I'm gonna leave my bike here and bus home. Man. Uhg.

Meanwhile, I have a research proposal and an ethics approval request to have in by the 14th, and a 3,000 word essay AND a 3-hour presentation to write by the 17th. Plus an artistic performance to photograph on the 15th, and I do NOT have time to be sick!

In other news, Iron Man was cool. And I haven't even watched Spn yet, that's how busy my weekend was. (wah wah wah poor me, I know)

This post needs something positive. HERE HAVE A PUPPY!

My Dad sent my this image coz he's thinking about getting a puppeh since our dog died last month. I THINK HE SHOULD GET ONE, WHAT DO YOU THINK!?
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27 September 2009 @ 12:45 pm
what she said  
Uhhhhhg. I swear I woke up with a mini-hangover this morning. After ginger-beer, thai food and TEA last night. Fear the non-alcoholic beverages. Feeeeeear them.

Blaaaaah. Either that or I'm sick because this headache isn't my friend. I could pass on the slight fever, too.

Meanwhile, it's daylight savings today, the kind where you lose an hour, so getting up for work tomorrow is going to be a real party.

I really wanted to write more today but I doubt enthusiasm is going to overcome the brain-sludge any time soon.

[very very vague SPN S5 spoilers:

It occurred to me today, that despite SPN hurting our hearts so much at the moment, it does seem to be a very prolific time for the fandom, you know, if just for discussion of who the boys are and where their priorities are. I'm enjoying the fic that's being produced, and I hope there will be more.


ooooooooooow, my head. *drinks water hopefully*
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13 September 2009 @ 06:57 pm
A rare moment of gossipyness from Page  
Uh, is this one of those 'let me announce I'm engaged subtly' things?

Danneel and her bro

It seems very pointedly placed. I love Danneel, she seems like a very cool chick and Jensen seems totally besotted with her, so if that's what this is then a resounding congrats from my end.

(only about 10% of my brain is going, 'DAMN!' right now)

If it's just totally random, then n/m.

I've had a really bad hypoglycaemic crash today so I've annoyingly got very little done. Just starting to stabilise now, (7pm) so someone kick me until I finish fic! Or at least reply to comments or SOMETHING.

ETA: FUCK I SUCK AT PRESENT-TENSE! Why did I decide this fic should be in present tense? Because I'm STUPID, that's why! I can't write 10,000-ish words of this tense, I really can't. When I read present-tense, MY BRAIN AUTOMATICLY CORRECTS IT TO PAST-TENSE! No really, it does, I don't even notice anymore. I DO NOT KNOW how grammar works when I'm doing this. It's PURE MADNESS.
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17 May 2009 @ 07:57 pm
The internets is distracting me!  
Okay so, this morning I spent HOURS looking through arty comms to find some new icons. Hopefully you can see my lovely new Jared, and I managed to find an angry-ish icon, which was my justification for doing this as I always complain about not having one.

THEN [ profile] mimei distracted me FURTHER by giving me a Dreamwidth code, and, of course, all the technical stuff of setting up a journal ASIDE, I was FORCED to find some functioning CSS for Dreamwidth in case my EYES EXPLODED from the nasty basic version. Which also took ages. All in all, I've managed to NOT get even CLOSE to doing any of the homework, editing OR writing I wanted to do today. As well as having about 4 ideas for new stories, which is just frustrating because there is no time at all for writing.

I had a really shitty week last week and then got a cold, so I didn't get anything done much at all. Two weeks left of semester. @_@ Not a good time for crisis!

Anyway, I have to go get back into it but I just wanted to say, hi, I'm page_r at dreamwidth, I have pretty new icons, and if you see me around the internet in the next two weeks, throw a shoe at my head and tell me to go do my homework. Uni is love. :/

P.S. I'm not 'moving' over to Dreamwidth yet because of still being in beta and all that but definitely going to be going in this direction. Everything will still be crossposted though. Feel free to subscribe, at this point I'm not giving Access to all-and-sundry because I don't flock anything anyway. Hope that's okay!
06 December 2008 @ 08:41 pm
One of those moments  
I just had one of those horrible moments of self-realisation...

In Dry My Tears, Harry has multicoloured, form-changing wrist and ankle cuffs with pretty jewels and sometimes filigree which change on a day-to-day basis depending on the whims of his captor.


Could I BE any more of a 13-year-old!?

Also, why the HELL would Voldemort care what colour the cuffs are? Huh? WHY THE HELL?

Man there is so much stuff I want to retcon in that bloody story. Anyway, that is all I have to say. Other than the doctor says it's not meningitis but we're double-checking for glandular fever, otherwise it's just a freaky flu and I have to rest until Monday. *snuggles deeper into bed*
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04 December 2008 @ 01:18 pm
There is something and nothing wrong with me  
I am home sick today. I can't figure out what's wrong though. I feel fine until I try to do anything, and then I get a headache and feverish and extremely tired.

Anyway, point being that I have retired to bed with my laptop and hope to get some writing done today. My cat is being very cuddly because I've been too sick to go out and buy her food so she's hanging around in the hope I will give her something that doesn't taste like crap. (She has the other cat's food at the moment, my flatmate buys the cheapest food available for him, my cat refuses to eat it...) So, I have a kitty and about 5 things I should be working on. woot.

Anyway, this is a complete nothing-entry, I was just bored. Meh.
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08 August 2008 @ 04:54 pm
Mleh, life, mleh.  
Peeji is sick. mleh. Not even a really good 'I can't feel guilty for doing nothing because I'm too sick,' sick, just a, 'I'm well enough to do stuff but doing stuff is twice as hard and more nausea-inducing than usual.' sick. :(

Also, it has reached the stage that reading is not fun. :( :( I really want to watch Lord of the Rings but my brother has my DVDs. I thin watching Die Hard 4 for the fifth time might be a liiiittle much, even for me. I kind of feel like working on my Jaemin fic, but I'm kinda stuck on it and I don't have the energy for fixing things right now. blaaaahhhh.

I called in sick for work today but I'm really going to have to go tomorrow because our flat is down a person and I think I'm going to end up having to help with extra rent next week. Which means money will be in high-demand. *sighs* Anyone know someone non-creepy looking for a flat in Christchurch, NZ? *sighz moar*

Yes, that is pretty much all I wanted to say. Oh, except, HELLO TO THE RUSSIANS! I've had like, four people whose journals are in (I think) Russian friend me in the last month or so, so I just felt the need to say, 'HI!' Anyone else who has friended me lately, you are not getting a hello because you're just not COOL enough - you're not bi-lingual! Step it UP, people! :PPP XD
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28 February 2008 @ 01:39 pm
Total awesome to the extreme!  
Right now, I am writing this entry on my NEW COMPUTER! Oh my GOSH it is so exciting! I am making so many mistakes while typing due to the craziness of having a new keyboard to get used to!

So far windows vista hasn't been tooooooo annoying, but I do have a totally stupid amount of RAM and processing power (at least compared to my old baby, can you say, going from 256megabites of ram to 2 FUCKING GIGS plus 2.o gigahertz of processing speed???? MADNESS!). The glory of this is shown by the fact that currently I'm using firefox AND I'm uploading 4gigs of comics to my computer from disk at the same time a feat which my old baby would have just laughed at me if I'd tried to achieve. :/ Only down side so-far is that the image quality is slightly less than my old beasty but that's what you get for having cheap LCD. When I can afford it, I will get a new monitor... maybe...

Anyway, I think I'm getting sick or something... feel bloody rotten, but who cares?! I have a computer, and I think I'm going to spend a fair portion of the rest of the day playing with it and typing up some of all the fic I've been working on which I haven't been able to do on my computer in sooooo long. ^_^

(side note. Waaaaah, I have so many files to move over, it's going to take foreeeeeever. ;_;)
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14 July 2007 @ 10:21 pm
And then there was some stuff, and some more stuff, then some stuff again  
Hi hi all.

Sorry that I've been a little on the away side lately, exams followed by people visiting followed be me getting SICK ;_; has led to me not having much time for the internet. All ignored people, please feel un-ignored, I have read all comments and wish to share my love with you all. *hands out flowers*

I start class again on Monday though I'm still waiting on my results to find out if I passed Japanese. :/ Also, in this wonderful, never-ending stream of insanity that attempts to prevent me from ever having time for anything, I have been asked by my family to move out of my Nanna's place by the end of the month. *le sigh* SO, as such, I have been spending most of my time over the last few days trying to find flats, coz with work and class, I'm really not going to have a massive amount of spare time for that sort of thing soon.

As mentioned above, I am sick. (AGAIN!) Not massively awfully so, but bad enough that today consisted of about 2 hours spent out of bed total. Actually, I really should go get myself something to eat now, but I can't really be bothered. I'm in that awful, gross state you get when sick where you're really bored and want to do something but all suggestions meet with strong disapproval. From my bed-ridden state I have watched masses of anime, movies and dramas, which have mostly just served to give me a nasty crick in the neck. (mimei, I finished hana yori dango, OMG LOVE LOVE 4EVAR! BEST ending prize!! I've also watched everything else except for eternal summer and the last few episodes of 1 litre of tears. Those movies were a bit wtf, but loveless was really neat (if frustrating)). Also read enough that my book is boring me to death, and I have both a neck-crick AND sore eyes from peering at the screen from my bed while trying to read manga.

Anyway, enough of my complaining, I'm going to trrrrrry and do some writing and study, but my brain is pretty fogged-up at this point, and tomorrow I've off checking out flats for most of the day. More news and rants about fun-holiday-madness to come! (hopefully)

Love love!
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