29 April 2009 @ 12:28 pm
so what's up with that, then?  
Okay so, I love gender-swap fic, very very much, but it's been annoying me today how in the Supernatural fandom people are so quick to be all, 'Oh, I'm a girl now, I'll never be able to hunt/fight/do anything and/or especially take down Sam.' Now, I know chicks don't have as much testosterone as guys, and as such it's harder for us to build up muscle and in general we're smaller and less strong than guys, but for fuck's sake, people, fighting is not ALL about size and muscle-strength.

I've been doing Kung Fu now for like, 8 weeks, and our instructor is TINY. He's smaller than me, and I can guarantee you that he can take down the biggest guy in our class in about two seconds flat. My style of Kung Fu is all about getting inside someone's space, and that's actually easier when you're small, in a lot of ways. Now, I could readily believe that Sam and Dean don't actually know any Kung Fu, but things they probably do know, like Jujitsu or Thai Kickboxing all have ways a small person can fight and beat a bigger person. It's not all about who has the most muscles, it's about speed, weight placement, angles and balance and knowing the right moves to use against the appropriate opponent.

So, I could understand the boys needing to change some of their guns, and I can understand a lot of time needing to be spent re-training to use the different weight, size and speed the changed person has, but if you're going to write a gender-swap, please don't assume that either of the guys would be incapable at hunting and/or taking down the other guy. Fighting has weight-divisions in contests to make it an even playing field, not because it's impossible for little people to take down big people.

Now, I'm sick in bed today, so if anyone wants to make me feel better by writing me a fic with girl!Dean taking down Sam who's all sure Dean won't have a chance in his cute little girl body, I'd totally be okay with that. *beams*

Edit: I'm waiting for my screen-writing lecturer to get back to me with the assignment he was supposed to give out, and in the mean time I've written, 1200~ words of the next part of Pack Your Bags. And come to a very firm chapter-end, so, as there is a whole lot of stuff that's supposed to come after that, it seems the story has turned into a three-part-er. Part2 clocks in at about 5,700~ and I expect 3 to be about 3-5k? The whole 'verse will probably be somewhere around 13k. I'm not really sure if I should post this part nowish or if I should wait till it's all done. :/ I'm inclined to wait, I think. Posting unfinished fics doesn't appeal to me as much as it once did... -_-;

Anyway, I'm off to edit DMT_07 now, since the Harry Potter fans may send glow-worms to kill me in the night if I ignore my WiPs to work on Supernatural fic any more than I already have. ^____^;;;;
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