20 May 2009 @ 02:02 am
bllllahrg, and FAN, I AM.  
It's 2am. I've actually been doing homework for the last two hours (because I told myself I was allowed to stay up late but only if I used it for homework,) and I just wanted to share how much of a weirdo I have become.

It's been fun doing this film-script writing course this semester partly because the lecturer never talks like our dreams aren't a reality. He's always like, 'when you've finished your script and sent it off to the producers you'll want to do such and such.' And, 'once your script is being made...blah blah blah' Which, I dunno, I've found a slightly odd experience because getting a novel finished to the point where I could send it to publishers has always been SUCH a far away goal, I mean, I've barely made a dent in any of my original works, so it's not something I think about being realised very often.

However, at the moment I'm working on a pilot episode for what I've planned as being an anime series, but could also easily work as a live action series, or even about three movies, depending on how the plot and characters are developed. Anyway, long story short, all this talk of actually getting a script developed made me think about the who/where/when/what/hows of it, and suddenly, (while thinking about Spn, coz I do a lot) I decided that it would be perfect if my show was being developed right as S5 finished, and if I could snag Jensen AND Jared to be in my show. (It's perfect! They could be together! It's an ensemble cast so they don't have to work so hard! They're interesting characters! We could film in LA! Everything they waaaaaant.) And somehow, this idle thought has developed into this whole THING and now I'm basing the characters really strongly around how the boys would portray that sort of character (Jensen's character wears GLASSES, guys!) and now the characters are in LOVE. (well, they will be, ever.)

But... now my heart is REALLY SET ON IT! And it's about 99.999% likely to end in tragedy for my poor, silly heart.

But! But! I just wanted to share my silliness because how AWESOME would that be, eh guys? I could be all sneaky and get them to LEGITIMATELY MAKE OUT ON CAMERA. And they would all think it was just because of their characters. *snorts*

Anyway, other than sharing with everyone JUST HOW ELABORATE my flights of fancy can be, I just wanted to bounce for joy a little because my draft for the pilot is almost done and... seriously now, once this is ready I actually CAN send this pilot away, like, NOW, to potential producers. And that's sort of... insane and scary and exciting. I'm completely in love with this story and even if (due to my inexperience) I don't get taken on as a writer of the full series, I'd love to see this made, because I think it really rocks and has strong selling potential.

That is all, I am still overwhelmed by uni work. My calendar is a solid wall of blocked out work/study/otherstuff for the next two weeks. Sorry for long rambling post. Love love!
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23 October 2008 @ 04:17 pm
Right now, I am standing in front of my computer desk, dancing to music while researching Native Title land claims in Australia. I am standing because I have been compulsively eating non-stop or the last few days, and all the sugar and other crap is tying my stomach into knots. I am dancing because of said sugar and also because I'm so, damn sick of sitting still. I'm researching Native Title because I have to write an essay about it before the morning. Woop woop.

What was supposed to be a social comment, turned into a Declaration of Strength, Courage, and Awesome on the part of Peeji )

Also, my cat's feet are completely adorable. *kisses them*
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17 September 2008 @ 04:07 pm
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck  
heh, that sounds so seedy now that I'm all grown up and perverted.

Anyway! Essay is completed. I now have one day of free time this week (today) to do ALL the things I thought I'd have heaps of time to do this week. :( I have a list! Right now I am allowing myself 20 mins to do some DMTs_07 typing up. Then I'm going to spend 30 mins on beta work for mimei-senpai, then I have to go into work for a meeting with the new manager and 2IC. Then I'm going to a friend's place. I've already played World of Warcraft for a few hours with my brothers in celebration of my middle-brother's birthday, (took more time than I wanted because there were FUCKING HORDE everywhere who kept on killing me where I wanted to do my quests. But to be fair I later found an area where me and some horde managed to quest right next to each other without killing each other, so I can't bitch TOO much. *mutter mutter mutter*) I have also hung out in the sun with my cat. So, list has about 6 more things on it which just aren't going to get done, but oh well. ;_;

Must go! No time! *flails*

YYAAAAY ESSAY DONE! (Can't really get over it....)

p.s. Writing accents (without like, 'writing accents' which is SUCH a no-no, in my opinion,) is SO FUCKING HARD! I'm sitting here with Harry, who is contemporary england, Voldemort, who is 1940s england, then Xander - california, and Spike contemporary (london?) with a touch of 19th cen england and I have a NZ accent, which is sort of half-way between British and American (in terms of dialect, not accent), and it's all CRAZY. *gets all confused and twisted around*

p.p.s. I just got home (around midnight) and one of my old-man flatmates (two of my flatmates are around 50, weird but relatively house-trained, so that's okay) gave me this look that was a bit, 'And where have YOU been young lady?' HAH! I've been at a friend's place watching the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie (so very funny, so very bad, I imagined it was made by Andrew and some friends. It made me chuckle lots) eating ice cream and discussing knitting. XDDD but, you know, if that's all I might just go read some gay erotica before bed, cool? XDDDDDD
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14 September 2008 @ 09:48 pm
Oh gosh. I have an essay due which was supposed to be handed in on friday. I emailed my lecturer with a sob story and said it would be in no later than monday. I was hoping I'd get a response like, "Don't stress, just have it in no later than the end of the week," instead I got a "Thanks for letting me know," which means I really HAVE to get it done by tomorrow avo. I have work from 12-3:30 so I even have to have it done BEFORE I leave for work because the offices close at 5pm so I can't put it any later than that. ;_;

Right now it's 10pm. I have JUST got home. I had to leave the house at 8am this morning to get to work in time to open the shop. I worked for 6 hours, then went shopping for two hours for birthday presents, (man I hate September) and then went straight from the mall to my brother's place to give him, his girlfriend and our non-related brother who lives with them presents. They ALL have birthdays this week. Mum and I gave up on the idea of individual personal gifts and decided to just buy random goodies and present them to the household to fight over amongst themselves. In a feat of random amazingness, I was ACTUALLY able to get them a selection of things they actually LIKED. I have this epic history of choosing gifts for my brother and/or his girlfriend which go down like a lead balloon. And they're the kind of people that both point this out and then remind me often that they hated what I got them ;___________; fail. But yeah, I got them lollies and random cute things and salt and pepper shakers which look like ghosts (ADORABLE!) and there was much glee. Yey.

Anyway, point being )

/brain melt.

[Edit:] I just updated to firefox 3.0 yesterday and it took away the skin I was using! This made me SAD especially since most of the skins done for 3.0 yet are kinda lame or not my style. As such, I am temporarily using one until something perfect like my old one can come out. The cuteness of my browser now is scary. Also, when pages load, the little fox RUNS. It's SCARY AND ADORABLE.
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16 July 2008 @ 12:58 am
At this point, the novelty has totally worn off...  
Edited to add: AHAHAHA! THE NOVELTY. Ahahahahaaaa that was totally unintentional! (Yes, yes, I am one of those people who cracks up over stupid puns. Please blame my parents.)

But, I'm still keeping up okay! By week end I needed 4,522 minimum:

Day Six – July 14th, 2008 [Words: 0 today / 3,672 total] )

Day Seven – July 15th, 2008 [Words: 1,230 today / 4,905 total] )

Also caught up with my brothers today, which was nice, and the presents I got for my parents FINALLY got to them and Mum called to squee about going to the ballet with me. And she loved the card. Dad said, 'thanks for the bit of wood with a hole in it' which was okay, since that's what I gave him. (it was a stupid gift. A wine-bottle balancing holder thing. :/) So I'm feeling all family-ified and that is nice.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,905 / 20,000
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28 May 2008 @ 10:31 am
Uni sux  
When was it exactly that a B+ became a big smack-down of not-good-enough? possibly when I didn't hand in stuff and now I need really good marks to pass this paper? Noooo nooo neevar.

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21 May 2008 @ 09:16 pm
Hell Essay  
Hi all, this is a total boring-ass spam entry, so feel free to pass over.

I have a hell-essay. It is due tomorrow afternoon. I have been working on this essay for well over a month and it's still a long way from being done. It's worth 30% of a paper which I'm missing like, 20% of my marks from because we had two short assignments due EVERY WEEK which were worth like, 1.5 marks for EACH. So, yeah, if I don't get this in I fail, and if it's not good, I fail. (My brain is currently saying, 'Uhhh, why are you even bothering any more? You are so totally fucked!')

I need to do it tonight, and I need to feel cheered on, so don't mind me, I'm just doing a little score-board for myself here. Word count! Extra points for not watching Buffy all night! )

Later: All in all, managed to finish on time and get it handed in, visit work to pick up my store key, and then go see one of my good friends who has just returned to NZ from Canada. She is to be joining me at Uni soon which makes me haaappieee. We watched a movie and ate chips. It was good. Now am home, got work 9-6 tomorrow (I think? or 9-9? I'm not sure what's going on with various people being sick...) Which is going to involve opening the store and a ten-hour day on my feet so I'm not really looking forward to it. :( Still, one more essay out of the way is one less thing to do now this semester, and that's gotta be good.

Page out.
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18 May 2008 @ 11:18 pm
la la la la  
lalalala, getting work done, lalalala, still haven't done my essay though.

Have been really busy! Still am! But it's amazing how much more positive you feel about being busy when you get things achieved. Just finished an assignment I had forgotten about which is due in the morning. (It wasn't a big deal, but it's still nice to get done.) Have heaps of work to catch up on in the next three weeks coz I've got tests and things soon. (followed by exams. Oh sweet exams, how I long for you. - no, seriously, I love exams, SO much less pressure to be able to get it all out of the way in three hours. And no class beforehand to break up my schedule and stuff up my study-plans! alright!) Work-work is still a novelty, although my first paycheck is going straight back into buying clothes and things. Poop. Oh well, clothes are always nice, even if I'm being forced to buy them.

Been keeping up with writing, even though possibly a tad off-topic! Right, got to go to bed, gotta turn in stuff and then work in the morning. Then essay. yes. essay. definitely. >:[
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15 May 2008 @ 06:48 pm
Fuck, I refuse to say 'life is good' because that will result in something awful happening, but I have a JOB and it's a really GREAT job, and this makes me happy.

On the less-positive side, I also have what is trying to be the HARDEST ESSAY IN THE UNIVERSE. The question is: “What are the potential uses and limitations of the ‘ethnography of speaking’ in respect to an analysis of ritual?” which, well, I don't think any of my readers study anthropology so it will sound like jibber-jabber to you, but it's... really weird because it should be really easy to answer but it's so easy to answer that everything I have to say about it takes up about two paragraphs. ...2,000 words? Not even CLOSE, baby! *sighs* Will have to keep pounding at it anyway...

On a positive note, my Classics essay was AWESOME and really interesting and I totally got it in on time which was GREAT. This comment, occurred in relation, however:
Comments for the week:

When it’s 1am, and you’ve just spent about 8 hours writing an essay which is due the next morning, don’t suddenly assume your entire essay is off-topic. You’re probably just losing your mind. Go to bed.

*nods* It was fine the next morning. ^_^ (with some added last-minute tweaking)

Finally, I'd just like to say... something, even though words aren't useful at ALL in this situation, for all the people who have died or are suffering due to the natural disasters in China and Myanmar this week. :(

EDIT: Essay-block - when all else fails, read the recommended texts AGAIN. WHY, WORLD, WHY?
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15 February 2008 @ 12:18 pm
Blaaah. Writing is my best friend and also EVILLLLL  
I'm sitting in one of the computer labs at uni, typing out the start of Chapter six of Dry My Tears because it's impossible to do on my own computer at the moment and my new computer isn't a possibility for a few more weeks yet. Le sigh. I just had my last class for the summer, I have one week free of class with a 2,500 word monologue due on wednesday, then proper class starts again on Monday. YAY. Although :( for how much less time I will have for writing. Again.

The Monologue I am COMPLETELY stuck on at the moment at 800ish words. I'm just so unused to writing without dialogue and... short stories really aren't my forte. :(

Anyway, the question of the moment really is, should I break DMT_06 into two parts or not? (As in, chapter 6 and 7, not chapter 6 a and b, because that just pisses me off). I like to keep chapters aroooound 2,500 words as a general guide, and at the moment it's well over 4,000 words :/ AND there are three major scenes to go that I would anticipate will take around another 2,000 words. >:[ I had wanted to end this chapter at a specific event, but that's the third scene out of those three, two in between, so I'm wondering if I should just wiggle a chapter-break into the middle somewhere, even though it's a bit frustrating because not a lot happens in that time? It would end with chapter 6 being around 2,000 words.

*flaps* I don't knooooooow!

*goes back to typing in the mean time*

EDIT: Totally random best line of the day: "“You’ve got him in counseling?” he bit out harshly in disbelief. “Are you sure you’re qualified to diagnose a space octopus?” [in Once Upon a Furry Octopus by Skoosiepants]
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21 June 2007 @ 09:27 pm
I have a JOB! All hail and glory!  

Oh yeah, that's right, job is me. Me is job. Job is kickass rocksaw omg garden house* of COOOL!


It's at a jewellery kiosk where I am not permitted to sit. (Even on the rubbish bin! The RULES SAY SO!!!) And I'm workin from 12-4:30 on Friday, and 2:30-4:30 on Monday. Awesomeness ahead. I am sooooooo thrilled and now I'm really really super-duper looking forward to next semester! Onward and upward! Sure, more hours might have been better money-wise, but I have such a mega workload next semester (compared to what I'm used to) that it'll probably be perfect.

So yeah, I totally get all weekend and every evening free, plus it's just stylish-casual wear so I can go straight from uni and, all in all, I'm sweet-fucking-as. *dances more* I'm really looking forward to a semester of normality and schedule-sameness. It will hopefully encourage me to have good writing-headspace.

Anywayzz, I gtg, I need to cook myself an egg and then get ready for bed. Sleep is me because tomorrow work is me. Love love everyone and thanks to all who cheered me on in the land of no-work. hugs for all!

*garden house lives in my brain. Garden house is a name of a restaurant that is regularly referred to in my Japanese text book. Everything is 'ガーデンハウスは どですか。' (How about, (we go to) Garden House?) Apparently, although ジム ハリスさん (Jim Harris) and 山本 みち子さん (Yamamoto Michiko) are quite happy to go and eat there, カレン ロペス (Karen Lopez) thinks that it is too うるさい (noisy). Isn't that just sooooooo fucking interesting, that you want to read about it about 50 million times??????? @_@ (sorry, learning a language can be very... interesting, sometimes...)
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04 May 2007 @ 04:33 am
Fuck fuck fuck fuck  
Tryyyying to to an all-nighter.

Had forgotten how much I _like_ sleep.

Understand now why people refer to the bed as 'calling' them - it has had a sub-audible running dialogue in my right ear for the last three hours.

I really, really, really want to be writing right now. Must study.

Want to be writing _original fic_ of all things! Shock Horror! Maybe even HET or GEN! @_@ Can you BELIEVE it!?!?

Still looking for an artist to draw my manga/anime idea. *prods world hopefully*

If I go to sleep right now, I will sleep through class. Specifically (or most importantly anyway,) Japanese Culture. We're doing Buddhism and I don't think I'll pick up enough from just the powerpoint if I miss it. *le sigh* Interesting religion... personally I think they need to discuss the concept of an emotion called, 'joy', but still, it's important to respect and understand people's beliefs, especially if you want to understand _them_. *eyes the bed again*

Fuck it. I fail. (possibly literally!!)

Although I did pass (just!) everything from the end of term, so that's good. Jap-culture exam on Monday was.... interesting... don't think I'll have failed though. Psyc exam this Saturday however.... well, it really doesn't help you to be motivated to study when you're depressed, don't care about the subject, _and_ you don't actually need the credit at all. *sigh*

I'm going to bed.
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28 February 2007 @ 03:55 pm
System Overload  
Yes, that's right, I'm back in the land of the internet-ified.

Some Narration of Life In General )

Totally random edit: Hahah! I've actually been away for so long that my friends page doesn't go back that far. Oh dear, hope noting too important happened. *squeaks and guiltily runs off to bed*
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17 February 2007 @ 04:48 am
Flying by  
Hey all, this is just a super-quick email to warn that I may seem to have disappeared - but it's a LIE!!

I'm in CHCH, in my spiffy new flat, but I have NO INTERNET, and I may not have for a while because I only can get it after I'm enrolled, and since I haven't even been _accepted_ yet, I haved NO CLUE how long that might take. (Please don't make any comment about this annoying spastic stupid fact, you'll just stress me out even more, and trust me, that would not be healthy right now.) I'm going to enquire on Monday to find out what's happening, and I'll be job searching over the next few days. Other than that, all is well, my flat-mates are super-nice and I'm really looking forward to lectures starting on the 26th. Hope you guys are all well and stuff.

Page out.
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24 January 2007 @ 11:45 pm
This isn't a cry for sympathy.  
(infer a 'but', but not a contradiction.)

Cut for long-ness )

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25 October 2006 @ 03:53 pm
Several hours/days/weeks later  

Man oh man.

So, I finished my last assignment on Monday. Went away with the olds for Mon & Tues. Did some kyaking, relaxed in the spa. We got home at 7pm yesterday and I went straight to bed and didn't really get up again till 8:30 this morning. I was completely totalled.

Amidst all this assignment-writing etc, I posted Ch6 of BtS over at [ profile] harrydraco, just for the hell of it, and there has been an explosion! *hides* ...there are people eeeeverywhere now.

Also, thanks to a very very nice person, I now have a Skyehawke account. I'm totally stoked! Skyehawke is invite only, but it's also one of the 'prettiest' online archives available, and since I'm a total snob when it comes to web design, I've been hanging out for an account there ever since I discovered it.

Yeah, anyway, all up I'm feeling like the top of my head has been blown off, really. hope my feet will touch ground again soon. Schedule for the next few days is: Write mimei a bit of j-rock, work on Dry My Tears chapter 4, work, sleep, try to relax a bit.

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16 October 2006 @ 11:20 pm
Boredom, I suppose.  
What is it about writing assignments that makes you feel like writing millions of inane journal entries all about how you wrote 3 more words?

In an effort to keep this tidy, all following assignment-entries for the next week will be hidden here:

Latest update - 23/10/2006 1:41am )

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14 October 2006 @ 02:46 am
(please let this be over soon?)  


*writes some more assignment*




*writes some more assignment*



*wishes she could be writing other stuff*


*writes some more assignment*


(Only one more week to go...)

Oh and, have now officially applied for student loan, university, and to live in hostels. Hopefully will be accepted soon.

The End.
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08 October 2006 @ 04:10 am
Where am I?  
What have I been doing for the last week, you ask? (well, you don't but that's not the point). Have I been writing? Playing video games? Reading? Writing writing writing?


well, NO! I haven't!

What have I been doing?

I've been STUDYING! Studying like a MAD FUCKTARD! (I'm sorry, I'm just letting off steam). *runs around screaming* I don't think I've been this freaking virtuous in my entire LIFE! I feel like my eyes are bleeding! (Okay so, this is a total exsaggeration, I've been studying a lot, but not really that much).

And do you know what the best part is?????

I've finished one of my assignments!!!!!!!

It's only taken me like, two years (literally). *cackles like a mad-woman* And now I've got two whole weeks to do the other one! YAY! I want these assignments dead. DEAD I SAY!

anyway... Other stuff )

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02 May 2006 @ 10:49 pm
Tired, antisocial Page  
Hey all. I'm really tired and antisocial at the moment, but since it's been ages since I've updated, I thought I would ... um ... update...

Chapter three will be arriving at some point in the next week or so.

I got another job, working evenings in an indian restaurant downtown. No set hours yet. Had my first day Monday night; wasn't too bad.

I got overly annoyed with slackyness so called my lecturer to find out what the fuck has been going on with my course and why they haven't sent me any documentation to confirm my enrolment. They said they hadn't received it, so it obviously got lost somewhere in the process. Luckilly for me, they haven't assessed anything yet in the subjects I'm doing, so they can still enrol me. yay! Hopefully be sorting that shit out soon and starting on my assignments double-soon.

Thinking about putting my vamp!Voldemort/Harry fic on Restricted Section in all its unbeta'd glory. Trying to learn some more stuff about grammar, but seriously, how easy is it to sit down and just read a book on grammar????

Read a good book the other day (Anita Blake 10, Narcisuss in Chains) for the second or third time. Love that book. Although, I find it amazing that the author manages to regress her characters in the following books. You end that one, thinking, 'okay, hey, it seems that Anita is finally getting her life in order here,' and then in the next books, Anita is back to spazzing all over the place! Over some of the same issues she appeared to make peace with in book 10!!! I hate it sooooooooooooooo much when authors do that, because I just feel that they are manipulating the characters, and me, to get more books/movies/episodes sold. Which is totally not cool. You gotta respect the reader man, you just gotta.

Yeah, so, stuff is going on in my quiet corner over here. Yay for me.
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