13 March 2012 @ 09:36 pm
Adventures in the life of an Attempted Everything  
Hi all, been a while since I’ve mustered up the brain to talk about anything. I actually have three different tabs open with drafts of journal entries, so let’s hope this one actually gets published, right?

Life stuff:

I survived my road trip. (Pic below.) And survived spending a week with my Dad. (I think the driving was the easier of the two.) Road trip... )

My Grandma died this week. I’m okay with it, she’d had dementia for 13 years so we all were glad her suffering ended. It’s still a downer though. Nuff said about that. :-/

Writing stuff:

I imagine many of you have struck this before, but I’m really struggling with feeling at the moment that I’m so close to the point where after just a little more writing, contacting an agent and a producer for my TV show is really really close, and in a nutshell, I’m totally freaked out. I’ve always been a pretty driven person, so I’ve never really questioned that one day I would get published, (simply because if so much crap gets published, semi-decent should be okay, right?) but now that it comes to it (especially with the TV show, because it’s so out of my comfort-zone) I am seized by this panic of ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ What if I try and fail? What if all this work is for nothing? What if no one likes it? What if they laugh in my face?

It’s a strange experience for me because there are actually logical answers to each of those questions, but every time I answer them the question just rolls around and comes back as if the answer never happened. Is this what it’s like to be an irrational person? (j/k ^_^) Somehow I have to get around this freezing panic and finish my work. I don’t really know how.

Unrelatedly, (mostly,) said TV show recently pointed out to me (in the nature of non-sentient beings) that it would be much cheaper to produce, thus more likely to get picked up, if instead of being written in a futuristic post-apocalypse utopia, it was sans the utopia and just post-apocalyptic semi-third-world-but-with-cool-future-gadgets. While this was a good point, it has meant that I’m in the process of re-writing the whole blasted thing. Wah, brain, why be helpful, huh?

I’m taking part in [ profile] thewritinggame to get myself sticking to my writing goals. Looking forward to joining in, I’ve missed the start due to busy busy.

That’s all from me!
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02 January 2012 @ 09:32 pm
Masterplan and Road trip!  
This entry is in two parts. The first being from Sunday, which I wrote but didn't post, the second being from today.

Part One: Secret Masterplan 2012 - Day 001

Achieved so far:

- Made Masterplan. (It's secret)

...That's about it.

But it's a plan! A secret one that I will be secretly squirreling away at for hopefully the whole year.

Like a boss.

A squirrel Boss.

I got all the nuts.

So, my New Year's Eve involved a birthday party as per usual. We had a teddy bears' picnic! The weather was average so we didn't really picnic, but we did do three-legged races with our teddies, an egg and spoon race with out teddies, and a egg + spoon + three-legged + teddies race as well, which was fun, and my mother cheated her ass off! (Which is funnier if you know her because she's so Good and Kind a lot of people think she should be nominated for sainthood.

I've had my brother and his girlfriend staying with me since Christmas, which has been great but we;re all SO TIRED I think today is going to consist of what we like to refer to in these parts as SBA - Sweet Bugger All. At last! I've warned all parties that if they want to see me they'll have to approach me at my station in bed. I won't be moving until starvation becomes a concern. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone will come and 'force' feed me out of fear for my general wellbeing.

How was everyone else's New Year? Do tell.

Love love.

Part Two: Secret Masterplan 2012 - Day 002

Firstly, I want to assure everyone that force-feeding was not required, my brother simply made pancakes and I immediately got out of bed. That was at about 3pm though so it wasn't a crime to summon me at that stage. Also, I managed to read the entirety of Green Rider, by Kirsten Britan, (which if you like fantasy and haven't read it before, I recommend thoroughly) which I'd been given / chose for my birthday.

Secondly, this is Persephone and Hogsworth.

They are my awesome birthday presents from my flatmates who are accompanying me on my ROAD TRIP! I am driving off on an epic adventure tomorrow at 7am. I take the ferry across Cook Straight at midday tomorrow, stay with my brother in Wellington then move on to Taupo the day after to stay with my Dad. After that I will either have AVENTURS or I will curl up in Dad's spare room and read books and write and not move much at all other than that for a week. We'll see. Anyway, hopefully I will post some pics as I go. Anyway. I gotta go to bed so that I can drive across the country tomorrow! Woo!