07 July 2008 @ 07:28 pm
Unfortunately, life builds up even when you're lame  
I am lame lately! Going through one of those phases where I don't have energy for anything and turning off my brain by reading lots of fic so I don't think about anything. No real reason, just tired and busy with work and, as usual, a lame excuse for a human being.

I'm doing an entry tonight so that I can communicate with anyone/thing other than myself that I am WRITING TONIGHT! Yes! THAT. Because if I'm just left alone with the thought I won't do anything at all.

Because it's been so long since I've updated, I have a really out-of-date 'comments for the week' from like, two weeks ago, but I thought I'd post it anyway.

Comments for the week: Semester over-ness, reading own writing, trip to see mimei, music, reading and readers, me being a dick, feminism, and pretty. )

Also, I want to put a big fat list of all the fic I've read in the last week or so because the big-bang is INSANE and has blown my mind. Recs! )
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28 November 2005 @ 02:16 am
Rec extra  

Extra update coz i had to switch to internet explorer to do the linky things the lazy way.

[ profile] mimei has set up a fic journal to showcase her original fiction. If you are intrested in a good read, I would definately reccomend her. From what I've seen she is a skilled writer with great ability for using words as a powerful tool and creates amazingly good character voice. At the mometn she is putting up a few short stories, as well as a long fic, chaptered, called cents. ((What are your capatilisation rules mimei, I don't know if you are obsessive about that or not?)) some of her stuff may be Shonen-ai, however cents is not. so yeah, the journal is freinds only but she's quite happy to friend anyone who's interested in checkin things out. the journal itself is: [ profile] jyankii


yeah. rec complete. :P