29 September 2005 @ 03:46 pm
How did that happen?  

Just a really fast note because I should be studying:

I am the coolest person in the universe - last night I was going to bed and I thought I would just jot down a couple of the main sentances of a scene I had written in my head, so as not to forget it.

2 hours later - six and a half pages of writing (hand, it works out to about half that typed.) WooT! KRM yelled at me (appropriately) because it was mid-fic so no-see yet for anyone, BUT! I still rock. Maybe I'll get more of chapter one done while I'm here after all...

Also, officially the funniest quote I have read in frigging ages:

"So, once you have people reading Harry Potter slashfic, the terrorists have already won." [ profile] mhalachaiswords

Let us destroy capitilism with the power of Fanfiction!!!

Sorry if that doesn't make sense out of context, but I can't be bothered liking where it came from right now, as I said, late late, must do homework! I may update more later.

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