14 September 2008 @ 09:48 pm
Oh gosh. I have an essay due which was supposed to be handed in on friday. I emailed my lecturer with a sob story and said it would be in no later than monday. I was hoping I'd get a response like, "Don't stress, just have it in no later than the end of the week," instead I got a "Thanks for letting me know," which means I really HAVE to get it done by tomorrow avo. I have work from 12-3:30 so I even have to have it done BEFORE I leave for work because the offices close at 5pm so I can't put it any later than that. ;_;

Right now it's 10pm. I have JUST got home. I had to leave the house at 8am this morning to get to work in time to open the shop. I worked for 6 hours, then went shopping for two hours for birthday presents, (man I hate September) and then went straight from the mall to my brother's place to give him, his girlfriend and our non-related brother who lives with them presents. They ALL have birthdays this week. Mum and I gave up on the idea of individual personal gifts and decided to just buy random goodies and present them to the household to fight over amongst themselves. In a feat of random amazingness, I was ACTUALLY able to get them a selection of things they actually LIKED. I have this epic history of choosing gifts for my brother and/or his girlfriend which go down like a lead balloon. And they're the kind of people that both point this out and then remind me often that they hated what I got them ;___________; fail. But yeah, I got them lollies and random cute things and salt and pepper shakers which look like ghosts (ADORABLE!) and there was much glee. Yey.

Anyway, point being )

/brain melt.

[Edit:] I just updated to firefox 3.0 yesterday and it took away the skin I was using! This made me SAD especially since most of the skins done for 3.0 yet are kinda lame or not my style. As such, I am temporarily using one until something perfect like my old one can come out. The cuteness of my browser now is scary. Also, when pages load, the little fox RUNS. It's SCARY AND ADORABLE.
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