30 August 2010 @ 12:16 pm
An update on nearly everything.  
Hi all. Long time no post, I know. Post-graduate work is not always fun!

So! Let me update you on my so-interesting life, yes?

1. I went to a party last night and FLIPPED OUT. Seriously, the closest I've been to a full-blown panic attack in ages. The Boyfriend was awesome and super-nice and took me home even though we'd only just got there, and he was really looking forward to the free food. I felt like such an awful party-pooper, but so glad when I got home to be able to snuggle up on the couch and remind myself I didn't have to go outside again until it was DAYTIME! YAY! I think the stress of Honours is feeding into the mild agoraphobia I'm pretty sure I have. :/ Going out at night has very suddenly got much much harder in the last few weeks. This does happen to me from time to time, but not as badly as it did last night. So. In some ways I don't really mind. I'd rather be socially crippled than physically, in terms of where the stress is going, because at least I can still work on thesis when I'm freaking out and hiding in my room rather than sick! I'm deciding not to worry about it, because I'm pretty sure it will get better once the pressure of this year is lower. *nods firmly*

2. Wrote the synopsis to an entire original fic last week. Woo. Full-on. It's very very weird, so if I ever got around to writing it it would only be for online. No publisher would go near it! *laughs* Still, it was fun to see that my creative-brain is still operating in there somewhere, even when it's been smothered by a million essays and what-not this month. Other writing projects are being prodded-at later this week, I hope, depending on my progress with MORE essays. ;_;

3. SPN! New season starting in what, three weeks now? I had a S5 coda half-written, so I might try push that into shape this week, otherwise it'll get eated! I'm SO nervous and also excited for this new season! Very mildly spoiled, and it doesn't SOUND like it's going to be shit, so we'll see.

4. I've been keeping a food-diary to hopefully sort out the digestive problems I've been having lately. Good GRIEF it's a frightening experience to see all your bad eating-choices permanently inscribed on paper in front of you. I bought VEGETABLES at the supermarket this week. LOTS of them. @_@ I also printed out the better pain-chart to put at the front so the doctor can refer to it. Hyperbole and a Half has recently changed my entire world.

5. I bought a new computer! Did I say that here? *checks* No! I didn't! I haven't updated in SO LONG! She's called Isabella (not a Twilight reference) and is very very pretty and very very nice to me, and has a remote, so I've been zombie-ing out to Naruto in the evenings and it's AWESOME because I don't even have to get up to load a new episode. BUT, now I have NO MONEY so I can't afford to buy Star Craft II, which is why I bought her in the first place, (there were other reasons, too, but that sounds more geekily dramatic,) which I think is HILARIOUS.

6. I've been invited to do my MA at Washington University! Which is so fucking cool! But also so incredibly never going to happen because it costs 50,000 USD a YEAR for me to study there. Hahahahahahhaha. But so awesome to be invited. Sigh.

7. RE #6 - I had this really odd conversation with the BF yesterday where we basically talked about how the hell we're going to stay together next year with me probably flying off to another country and him probably starting Masters here. :( I had kind of been ignoring the fact that I have a BF when planning the next stage of life, because a friend recommended it as a way of toning down my life-complications, and also because I kinda didn't think we would last this long. But we have and things are good only getting better, which is GREAT, but also really a :( moment when approaching next year. For now though, I'm going to keep ignoring the problem. *sticks fingers in ears* lalalala~!

I think that's enough of me talking. We all agree? Yes? Okay. Ta ta for now.
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20 March 2010 @ 05:12 pm
Note to self:  
Don't wind yourself up over minor or non-existent issues. It's a waste of space and time. The Doctor would not approve of such abuses.

Things I'm learning about post-grad )

I'm feeling like writing at the moment. Did some original work yesterday, being tempted by a million other fannish pursuits. Don't have time for either, anyway.

By the way, the BF's mother was really nice! And I think I passed without her hating me! Yay!

Have Danneel and Jensen got married yet? Does anyone know this? Is anyone other than me interested in my epic Danneel/Genevieve & J2 fic I keep almost-writing?
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08 June 2009 @ 06:00 pm
Holy crap, this is what happens when I go away for a while  
A never-ending explosion entry! Tirrah!

I feel like I’ve been utterly submersed by life for the last couple of weeks. Like, barely even up for air.

There is FAR too much to say, but, a few things:

1. The smile that lights up Jensen’s face when he mentions Danneel and the half of the audience who were really embarrassed by the whole Danneel-hating is like ‘AHH! HE MENTIONED DANNEEL SCREAM ABOUT HOW MUCH WE LOVE HER!’ And he’s all... ‘wow, some fans that respect my girlfriend, YES! YES SHE IS AWESOME!’ Is probably the most heart-breaking and awesome thing to emerge from the Asylum con.

2. Star Trek – let me fall completely in love with you and watch you FOUR TIMES in the last month. (To be fair though, only twice involved the cinema, but I feel justified in my shitty cam copy because I SPENT MONEY ON THE CINEMA! TWICE!) Karl Urban, let me be THRILLED that someone as awesome as you is a Kiwi. (As an aside, I saw someone ranting recently about how southern he is (as opposed to somewhere else in America, I think was the context) and I was like, *snigger*, b/c I think his accent is still really kiwi in the movie.) I HOPE THIS PARAGRAPH’S PARENTHESES ARE ALL IN ORDER!

3. Got all my essays and scripts in! I feel completely stoked by my anime pilot! I’m crossing everything capable of crossage that I’m going to get A-variations on my final assignment’s marks. One take-home test due on Monday (three 1000 word essays) and then this semester is OVER and I have a whole two days to go on a tidying binge before [info] - personalmimei arrives on the 18th! Eee! Prepare for extensive silliness!

4. I’m not reading ANY of the big bangs this week. NO! If you hear me doing it, feel free to JAB ME WITH STICKS! I need to slam this final test.

5. I now have approximately 3,000,572.84 plot-bunnies at the moment. @_@ A teeeeny bit more time, but not much! We’ll see if something happens about any of that.

6. I went to see the post-grad Anthropology academic advisor on Friday to talk about Honours and Masters. I felt extremely excited and completely wrung out by the end of it. It left me feeling shaky all weekend, actually. (see more ranting below)

7. MY BROTHER GOT ENGAGED YESTERDAY! (It’s still only-family knows, but I somehow doubt anyone will be alarmed that I told my flist.... XD) I’M REALLY EXCITED! LIKE, SO MASSIVELY EXCITED! Everyone knew it was coming eventually but... WEDDING! WE GET TO HAVE A WEDDING! *jumps up and down and tries not to plan things on behalf of the bride without asking.* >_>;)

And lots more ranting about post-grad and all the pros and cons that need to be considered... )

Anyway, if anyone want to weigh in on all of that. (tell me what I should doooooo!) you’re more than welcome, I need some input from my friends and compadres about this life-decision!

Meanwhile, more study!
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