08 November 2008 @ 09:18 pm
Random aside:

I was looking at one of the Spn fics which I'm not officially working on and to a certain extent it has turned into a marathon discussion about pie. I've always loved the way Americans talk about pie. Here you have 'a pie', or 'pies' in the US it's just, 'pie'. Probably because pies here are made in single-serve form whereas in the states you only have a piece of pie. But more than that, it's the reverence that the word is infused with. It makes me want pie. (For those who don't know, in NZ we don't have fruit-based pie, we have meat pies which are AWESOME, and a national favourite, but not... pie.)

Anyway, I think I may have name this fic 'Dean's Pie Baby' or something. Hrmn. Not that I'm actually working on it! No! Lies!

Right now:

Watching the NZ election. Surprisingly invested in this. If we end up with a National/Act government I am going to be pissed. I'm not really happy with Labour, but if there's no left-left influence like the greens or the Maori party, I think our country is going to dive economically. I don't think people realise how while Labour's conservative views have meant that while the dollar has devalued, and the housing market is a mess, we're a teeny tiny developed country which hasn't gone bankrupt in the face of economic collapse, and that's pretty bloody amazing. Open market politics is what screwed the US, and that's what the Nats and Act want for us. UM, GUYS?!?

Something to record, trying really hard not to brag in any way )

In addendum:
I am so completely addicted to Supernatural. Season 4 is great. I am on a mission to make all my friends love it so that I have people here to squee with. I just happened to see the original video clip of 'Eye of the Tiger' and I've gotta say, Jensen Ackles does it better. \o/
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