05 January 2009 @ 12:08 am
What? A new year? Life keeps moving? Lies!  
Hi all!

This is just a quick update because it's late and I have class in the morning, but I feel nothing has happened on this journal for long enough that people might be wondering if I was eaten by a taniwha, (if you don't know that that is, Wiki it, they are cool).

What's going on?
- I had a great christmas (well, post-christmas, I didn't leave till boxing day) with my family, mostly just sleeping lots and getting to know my brother's new girlfriend, and swimming, which was nice.

- I also had a great birthday, New Years Eve going on Random Adventures with some friends and then fireworks in the town-square at midnight which were FAB and then hugs and stuff. The actual day was marred by some less-cool stuff with my brother but then my flatmates were really nice and made me a cake so it was okay.

- Today I did some more work on Dry My Tears. ...I KNOW! INSANITY! Over the break at my parents' I started on a J2 short fic as well, but I'm not going to say how/if these will eventuate out because (next point)

- I am about to start my next summer paper - Creative Writing for Stage (today! In 9 hours! Must sleep first!). Which... well, I'm extremely excited/nervous about. I also have my manager going away on holiday in Feb, which is going to make the next two months IN-FUCKING-SANE. Then I have a (WHOLE, OMG!) week of break before semester proper starts again. This coming year is really important to me and is going to be real test of whether I can stick it out in academia, so I am making NO promises about fanfic. It's still a huge priority but it's just extremely hard for me to get my head into writing-mode when I'm obsessing about essays or whatever. On the plus side though, half my papers this year are ON creative writing, which maybe will stir me up more than the last few years. We'll see.

- Finally, 2008 was a real humdinger of a year. Full of massive ups and massive downs. Fail grades and A+es, depression and epiphanies. Friends, family, love and hurt. I don't think I could have squeezed more into the year if I'd tried. A big thank you to everyone who was good to me, a big >:[ to those who were shit to me, and also a big thank you to all the interesting people around at the moment who keep me clicking the refresh button on life, not just the internet.

Note for 2009: Climb more trees.
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