01 February 2011 @ 07:26 pm
People of the internet!  
I desperately need your help!

(Contrary to all appearances, I have not died, and I even have plans to inform any who care of the various things that have kept me away for the last four months AND an attempt to be more interesting in general that should begin very shortly, HOWEVER, in the mean time...)

It's an emergency and I believe you have skills to save me!

I'm doing a paper this coming semester that involves writing 10,000 words of original fic. Which would be amazingly exciting, but my university's creative writing department is pretty fail, and the only person they can find to supervise me is "unfamiliar" with Sci Fi as a genre. ;_; The story I'm writing is an urban fantasy/sci-fi mixture and my supervisor wants me to recommend her some books to use as a "point of reference" that are in that genre.

My problem is, I'm hitting a total blank. I don't tend to read Sci Fi, I watch it. This story is kinda spies with superpowers, so think X-men, Alias, Dark Angel, a lot of the DC and Marvel comics cross fantasy and sci fi really well, all I need is some sweet technology being used with superpowers or something. Surely that's not too much to ask? You guys know of some really good novels in this genre, right? Even chuck in something really cliché and trite to show what I want to avoid if you can?

Ask your friends, too? Come on, with the power of the internet we can do anything, right?
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07 February 2008 @ 08:09 pm
Wheee! Writing Bananza!  
I love it when my brain does this. I only wish it would be like this 70% of the time, instead of like, 1%.

Anyway, tho I have no fic to share right now, I must crow! Because not only did I get my homework done on time (I'm doing a summer paper on creative writing and I had to submit seven pages of typed poetry and song lyrics,) over the last week or so, I've done SOOOO much writing. I've in total now done 20 hand-written pages for DMT_06, my handwriting means that's around 4,000 words at a minimum or 200 per-page, PLUS I did seven pages of chapter 1 of one of my original fics! Wheeee!

The only downside is that those 4,000 words for DMT were supposed to take like, half that and I've still got three scenes to go, so it's going to be another long chapter ;_; *flaps*

Wat else? Well, the main thing that is ocupying my thoughts at the moment is that at some point soon, I MAY be buying a new computer. I feel bad because I know how hard my minako-chan has tried to keep up, but it's like she's got cancer or something, her insides are dying and she can't make _anything_ work properly any more. Because she is faithful (and firefox it a Nice program) Firefox is one of the few things that actually still work. Especially if I'm kind and make sure to give her plenty f time to think about it when I open and close. But, I mean, the wireless keeps dying, Word barely functions at ALL quite apart from the fact that it literally takes 10 minutes to open, I can't run two programs at the same time, (which means that I can't listen to music if I'm doing ANYTHING on the computer). And yeah, general angst. But man, if you are a discerning buyer, getting a new computer is expeeeensive, sheesh. And Vista is EVERYWHERE! I want to KILL IT! *hisses and spits at it*

Right, yes, that's all from my hood for a bit. Hope all are well.

P.S. I also love that I have a tag just for writing frenzies. That's fucking sweet and yet again proves to my why I should always love technology.
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14 October 2007 @ 03:28 pm
What are doing? Not Right Things.  
Yo! Wazzup?

Feelin freaky.

Next week is the final week of classes for 2007. Eeep! I have a test on Tuesday, a test on Thursday, and a HEAP of schoolwork to do in between because all my subjects are doing, 'massive revision of the whole semester' week. Joy.

Blather re school and WRITING WRITING WRITING )

What else is going on? Well, I've just finished watching the first season of Stargate Atlantis. It's funny, I'd seen one random episode aaaaages ago, and abandoned it as a waste of time, but watching it from the start meant that I got a very different feel about it. I mean, the acting is often still terrible, and the scripts, sets and storylines can grate a little, especially things like, EVERYONE IN SPACE IS WHITE! And, ALL CULTURES ARE THE SAME! (relatively, unless they're making a point about some specific difference). But overall these things are just ignorable in the face of the total cuteness of the show. Yeah, you heard me, I think it's cute. Cute. CUTE. It makes me feel all fuzzy. Which is odd, but hey.

Oooh! Oooh! Hey! This is actually relevant! I'm going to see my parents from the 1st-8th of November, then back for exams till the 18th, then going BACK to see the olds on the 19th of Nov till December 28ish. (Really long story as how all that managed to happen!) So if I don't update more before all that happens, that's where I am and I maaay not be around much. (which is just sooo unusual these days, isn't it!? -_-;;) But who knows, I may be around more. I just won't have access to my own computer, is all. I will be spending Christmas with the parents AND one of my brothers, which is pretty sweet, (my two brothers don't really care about Christmas so I haven't had them around for it for four years) so yeah, I'm vuuuury excited. Yeeey!

Alright, I'm going to bugger off now, I need to start looking at homework.

Love love!
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