08 June 2009 @ 06:00 pm
Holy crap, this is what happens when I go away for a while  
A never-ending explosion entry! Tirrah!

I feel like I’ve been utterly submersed by life for the last couple of weeks. Like, barely even up for air.

There is FAR too much to say, but, a few things:

1. The smile that lights up Jensen’s face when he mentions Danneel and the half of the audience who were really embarrassed by the whole Danneel-hating is like ‘AHH! HE MENTIONED DANNEEL SCREAM ABOUT HOW MUCH WE LOVE HER!’ And he’s all... ‘wow, some fans that respect my girlfriend, YES! YES SHE IS AWESOME!’ Is probably the most heart-breaking and awesome thing to emerge from the Asylum con.

2. Star Trek – let me fall completely in love with you and watch you FOUR TIMES in the last month. (To be fair though, only twice involved the cinema, but I feel justified in my shitty cam copy because I SPENT MONEY ON THE CINEMA! TWICE!) Karl Urban, let me be THRILLED that someone as awesome as you is a Kiwi. (As an aside, I saw someone ranting recently about how southern he is (as opposed to somewhere else in America, I think was the context) and I was like, *snigger*, b/c I think his accent is still really kiwi in the movie.) I HOPE THIS PARAGRAPH’S PARENTHESES ARE ALL IN ORDER!

3. Got all my essays and scripts in! I feel completely stoked by my anime pilot! I’m crossing everything capable of crossage that I’m going to get A-variations on my final assignment’s marks. One take-home test due on Monday (three 1000 word essays) and then this semester is OVER and I have a whole two days to go on a tidying binge before [info] - personalmimei arrives on the 18th! Eee! Prepare for extensive silliness!

4. I’m not reading ANY of the big bangs this week. NO! If you hear me doing it, feel free to JAB ME WITH STICKS! I need to slam this final test.

5. I now have approximately 3,000,572.84 plot-bunnies at the moment. @_@ A teeeeny bit more time, but not much! We’ll see if something happens about any of that.

6. I went to see the post-grad Anthropology academic advisor on Friday to talk about Honours and Masters. I felt extremely excited and completely wrung out by the end of it. It left me feeling shaky all weekend, actually. (see more ranting below)

7. MY BROTHER GOT ENGAGED YESTERDAY! (It’s still only-family knows, but I somehow doubt anyone will be alarmed that I told my flist.... XD) I’M REALLY EXCITED! LIKE, SO MASSIVELY EXCITED! Everyone knew it was coming eventually but... WEDDING! WE GET TO HAVE A WEDDING! *jumps up and down and tries not to plan things on behalf of the bride without asking.* >_>;)

And lots more ranting about post-grad and all the pros and cons that need to be considered... )

Anyway, if anyone want to weigh in on all of that. (tell me what I should doooooo!) you’re more than welcome, I need some input from my friends and compadres about this life-decision!

Meanwhile, more study!
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24 May 2009 @ 12:15 am
A couple of things:  
1. I just watched Billy Elliot. This movie always makes me cry and fills me with OVERWHELMING LOVE AND JOY.

2. Someone really needs to write a Billy Elliot J2 AU where the other boy is Michael (the gay best-friend) and instead of Billy/J being straight he's well... not. Because that would be ADORABLE AND AWESOME. Especially if there were bits while the Billy-J was at school, because of course the sex part at 11 wouldn't really go. And after the heart-break of separating when he left. OH! LOVE!

3. Uni is stressing me out but I only have two more weeks before the pressure is off and I can finally finish some of these fics that are hovering about.

4. My parents, especially my Dad, suck. If fact, pretty much just my Dad sucks. He was 'kidding around' the other day, making a random off-colour joke about lesbians being stoned to death in Muslim countries, (which was, to be fair, just a random fly-away comment at first,) but THEN he got sidetracked and started going ON about how I would only get stoned with rocks half the size of the lesbian's rocks (because I'm only HALF gay, you see?) thinking this was the funniest thing ever.

....... Yes, Dad, telling your daughter about the kind of hate-crime she might be expected to experience if the people around her started judging her based on a different moral code is REALLY FUCKING FUNNY. I think my Mum was kind of horrified.

My Dad is a really un-bigoted Christian, 90% of the time, it's just he's the kind of guy who deals with personal strife my making off-colour jokes, (I do it too, actually). Unfortunately, this is making me feel like I just don't want to talk to him at all until he has grown so used to the Bi thing that he doesn't even think about it. Fuck it's uncomfortable.

Anyway, that just pissed me off and I wanted to write it down so hopefully in about 10 years I can look back on this and laugh.

That is all!
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02 January 2008 @ 11:12 am
And so another year passes into the next....  
Well, here we are then. 2007 has passed and 2008 is beginning. Another year of my life has passed into the dust of time. I must say, I feel kinda sorry for people who don't have my birthday, because it makes thinking of years and age so much easier. My parents never had to think, 'shall we start her in school the year she turns 5, or when she turns 5?' or anything. No, I age with the passing of years and that is handy. Save for the people who never come to my parties coz their either drunk or hung over, still, there's always a big party on my birthday and usually fireworks, even if they're not supplied by whatever my people are doing, so I kinda like it.

Shall I reflect on 2007? I really can't be bothered. What did I do? I started University, passed, for the most part. Even got the odd decent mark in there, too. Yey. I... moved three times. I got and quit two different jobs. Had a nervous break down. Um? Updated my stories extremely sporadically... Made heaps of new friends! Woot! Learnt SO MUCH Japanese that my brain started spitting the words out the back so there was enough room to think... Got a C- on my Japanese final... -___-; Watched heaps of anime. Read HEAPS of fanfic. Found out that Anthropology is my complete dream subject. Ignored all my lovely friends because I mostly want to hide these days.

Um... yeah, I think that's most of it...

More rambling )
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19 December 2006 @ 11:42 pm
You know you have a problem when...  
You have the brightness on your computer turned down to 25% and it looks totally normal.

And everything smells like burnt rope.


Went to see Casino Royale. By the end I had mostly figured out how poker works. Awesome movie. Shame about the car.

Where is that fucking smell coming from!? *wanders off*

(P.S. Christmas is 5 days away. AHHH!)

(P.P.S. Don't ask me about the chapter, just please, please don't ask.)
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20 February 2006 @ 10:47 pm
I'm living in Bizarreo Land!  
Okay so, you know how I'm always saying I'm 'way too busy', yet, even in the middle of exams madness and dehablitating injury I still have time to read masses of fanfiction and crap?

Busy Meter: 8 - Haven't spent any 'play' time online in 4 days.

*jaw drop* eeeeeh! I don't even know if it is four days, I've lost track of time, and I really should be in bed now, but I don't know that I'm going to have any time for onlineyness tomorrow, and I just couldn't deal.

Arg, trying to finish writing stuff! Not working when busy! Must try harder!

Went to see Brokeback mountain.... *insert endless accolades of love here* One of the best movies I've seen, ever. *loves* I love, with the sadness, and the sexyness, and the, oh my gosh, that was so fucking depressingness. mmmmn. goodness.

This was going to be a huge entry about all my busy, but my brain has gone BYE BYE! *waves*

I have no sleep. I'll update this properly in the morning. Or not. Who knows. The aliens, they know, they know how to STEAL YOUR BABIES!
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17 December 2005 @ 11:04 pm
Stupid computer withdrawl and, christmas is poos  
Right so, what's going on.... Uhhhh

Well, I have a computer again *cheers* Which means that I can start writing again! I have finished the first run-through of Chapter Two of the HPff, AND I have completely tidied up chapter one, so once my beta has read through it (she had done it, but then her computer died) that and the prologue will be ready for online publishing YAYAYAYAY!!!! (I is vuuuury excited)

If anyone asks, since this seems to be a conversation starter for ALL OF HUMANITY at the moment... NO I have NOT seen King Kong yet, NOR have I seen Narnia. I'll get around to seeing Narnia sometime soon, however, unless there is some great social mission to go see it by friends (hopefully including _them_ paying for it) I will probably NOT being seeing King Kong at the movies. I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD. I know I know, this makes me a traitor to all New Zealanders, but, it's not really about Peter Jackson, (who I think ROCKS) or about the NZ film industry, I just can't be assed going to see a movie about a giant Gorrilla when I know it ends badly. I don't like apes, (yes, I know, I've just spent half a year working with heaps of kinds of primates, shut up), I have no grat interest in the movie. This is NOT helped by the excessive amounts of publisising that is going on, this is making me annoyed and feeling less like watching it.

So blih!

Uh yeah, nothing much else going on, trying to make christmas prezzies at low-cost, trying to keep a vague hold on sanity, trying to stop my parents computer from being too LAAAAME. Other than that, nothing much else...

Oh, bought a dress for the wedding in Jan, it's all purdy and black and swishy. Be a pain to wash though, but hey, can't have everything.
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13 November 2005 @ 05:49 pm
Misson! For me!

I have been away for ages, *apologises to all* I had my final exam for the year on Friday. It went .... okay... After talking to the other people doing the course in my city, it sounds like we all had a fairly similar experience, so I'm reasonably confident that I passed, but at the time it was just naaaaasty.

But, over and done with now, so SUPER DUPER!

I now have packing and organising of flights to do, plus two more days of work at the zoo, but that shouldn't be a major hardship.... Other than the fact that all my lovely friends want to say goodbye to me before I leave, so I only actually have Saturday to do anything....

But yeah, all is well!

Other stuff:

Went to see Serenity on Friday night. *drooooooools* Man... it was kinda random as I've never seen Firefly, (I don't think it ever played here?), but it really didn't matter, I loved it sooooo much. I'm gonna go see it again. And again. And possibly again. Then I'll buy it. *grins* Brilliant.

Fic stuff: Coming along. Chapter one is going to take a little longer than I thought it would to edit, so the end-of-october dealine has obviously been blown completely out of the water. My Beta is very busy with work, and is also getting married in January, so doesn't have much time to spare, whcih is poopy, but it is coming. Have no fear. Chapter two is being slightly bitchy, (but I think I'm probably just thinking too much again), but I think I have the latest problem solved, and I hope to have a few odd spare moments to spend on it this week. rar.

As for the miSHON which started this post, (a great many hours ago, before I got distracted by movies), I now am going to attempt to reply to all the posts I've missed in the last little while. If I do not return alive, think well of me.


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