07 November 2010 @ 02:09 pm
Not-really here  
Okay, so I'm coming back to the internet in two days after my last assignment for the year goes in, but I was just compelled to post because I just hit my minimum-goal for [profile] mininanowrimo of 3,000 words (100 p/d) and we're only 6 days in! Woot! And that's WITH working on the world's most massive assignment. My very hopeful goal is actually 10,000 and I'm also on track for that.

Wrote 2,000 words of nummy Spike/Xander porn on Thursday. Whoops. XD

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10 November 2009 @ 01:03 am
love is in the air  

J2 will always be my main love but if I'm going to read some het, Danneel better damn well be in it and I WANT SOME PROPOSAL FIC!

*throws confetti*

I'm just so HAPPY for them! I don't fear for the fandom at ALL really, (esp if Jared and Gen are engaged too, that's just too perfect for double-blind scenarios.

OOO! In fact, I feel compelled to point out that Jensen and Danneel started being more open and spending-time ish around when Genevieve started working on Spn. Did Danneel develop an epic romance? I THINK SO. In fact, someone also needs to write the epic romance of Gen and Danneel as well in the context of some J2 lovvviiin.)

Okay, back in reality-land, so, SO happy for Jensen and Danneel. I really hope it works out for them.

(linky, for those who don't know)

Also, another 700 words today. Aiming to finish tomorrow or Weds. Also sorted out majority of enrolment for 2010. Yay.
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08 November 2009 @ 10:35 pm
Oh gosh, I'm sorry for the endless updates lately, I tend to post a lot when I'm writing. Or facebook. But I'm having an anti-facebook week so you poor folks get me instead.

So I just finished the final scene! There's still the earlier one or two to write, but the ending is all endy and over and *flaps* this feel really significant for me because this is essentially my first longish fic actually FINISHED. And I actually LIKE it! It's not perfect, but the ending is good enough that it's making me all teary and flappy and, and, and I hope it make you feel that way, too, I just gotta finish it, first!

I was stuck on 131 words earlier so I was like, 'eh, better put in the effort to get to my 200' and then I got all sucked in and everything was flowing and it ended up being 1,247! Yaaaay! Gonna try do more while I'm on a roll but it's so time for a word-count check. I am so enamoured of mini_nano right now THERE ARE NO WORDS! (OR MAYBE LOTS, DEPENDING ON HOW YOU READ THAT!)

3981 / 7000 words. 57% done!
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08 November 2009 @ 11:54 am
the time has come (or almost, anyway)  
I had an exciting moment on Friday while writing when I suddenly realised that I was writing the last scene of my post-S4 AU. I was a little surprised, because I'd been expecting the write maybe another four or so after that, but a little voice went, 'You know, this would be a really good point to end the fic.' and after thinking about it for a while I couldn't help but agree.

SO! I have to finish this scene, and there are two earlier scenes I've basically just gone, 'put the scene with the coffee and knives here' or whatever, but after that and some editing it will, after five months, be DONE.

(I don't suppose anyone would be able to pull beta duty for me in a couple of days?)

EEE! Excited!!
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