14 March 2008 @ 07:44 pm
Fuck this noise  
Killing basic accounts without telling anyone?


I realise a shit-load of the serious LJers are paid accounts, so it doesn't really affect them, but to be honest I really got sick of them being like, 'oh, I don't really care about killing off basic accounts'. Well you know what!?! I FUCKING CARE. I have a basic account. If anyone I know wanted to join LJ, they would get a basic account. I think ads are UGLY, and I DON'T WANT THEM IN MY FACE. I am also POOR and don't want to give SUP any of my money unless they sort themselves out.

My 2-cents on the We're Still Not Really Telling Anyone About This page: )

This is pretty much it for me, I'm starting work on my web page as soon as I have a moment. (Screw other LJ-alternatives, this is just going to happen again.) I'll keep this journal unless I'm forced to get rid of it, but my main base of operations will move as soon as possible.

[Edit: cut out a huge bit here coz I remembered about OTW... ^_^]

Yeah, anyway, me = pissed off right now. >:[
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