01 April 2008 @ 02:49 pm
No, seriously, as creepy as that sounds, I just found myself lying around, watching my cat while she sleeps, (which, for those cat lovers out there, is actually quite hard to do coz normally they have super-stare-detection skillz and will wake up and glare at you for doing that. And for waking them up.) Also, when I am out, I worry about her all the time, when I need someone to talk to, I go find her and we chase each other around the back yard, and she snuggles me at night, and I like to feed her (I like to feed people, it's a thing) and when I don't want to go out I'm like, 'Oh, I better go home, I gotta feed my cat' and she's ALWAYS HAPPY TO SEE ME WHICH IS THE NICEST THING IN THE WORLD.

Also, I have Medusa hair today. >_>

I am pretty fail about life in general at the moment, struggling off-and on with the whole black ooze thing, uni is really hard and I'm just barely keeping my head above water, I discovered I have hypoglycaemia even worse than I thought I did, (going to see a doctor tomorrow) which is being a major pain in the ass because I used to save money by skipping meals quite a bit, and now I have to buy so much FOOD all the damn time and I am REALLY FUCKING POOR. I'm sick just at the moment, but I'm hoping it's not going to develop worse than a mild coldy-thing. I have a test tomorrow which I think I'm prepared for? But not really sure? Also LOTS AND LOTS of other things I'm behind on.

I realise the next chapter of Dry My Tears is well overdue and since there's like, two pages of editing to do before it's done I really have no excuse but, *flaps* if I suck this much at life in general, what makes you people think I would suck less at writing? *sighs* No seriously, getting the editing done as soon as class finishes (I have holidays for 3 weeks starting Friday). And like, might be nice and follow with another chapter fairly soon after since the drafts are already done. I have begun work on BTS_whateverthehellchapterI'mupto as well, but it's going to take some thought because well, has anyone noticed they haven't left that stupid room for like, a year and a half or something? Maybe two? Well I HAVE. @_@ I need to get them OUT or I'm going to KILL SOMETHING. But that also means more brain-work for meeee.

Anyway, I wasn't here to winge, but that's what it developed into so... poos.

Catch you on the flip side, dudes and dudettes! (Do any actual dudes read this journal? I have no idea...)

Edit: Oh, and sorry, no April-fools jokes from me. I mean, I could have been really cruel and been all, 'LOOK, I UPDATED EVERYTHING' but that would just be haaarsh, man.
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