22 September 2010 @ 02:33 pm
Proper post-earthquake survival report  
My brain is full of far too many things!

There was an earthquake. It was interesting... )

Anyway, very long story shorter, my cat came back eventually,


so did the power, everyone I know is okay, and this has been a VERY strange experience. Meanwhile I was going to rant about life being crazy at the moment, but I have already spend valuable essay-writing time on this entry (read: justifiable procrastination), so I best be off. Thanks for the people that commented on my 'I'm alive!' post. :) I shall continue to live, if in a slightly deranged form, as usual.

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Love love!
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19 May 2010 @ 11:27 am
Little engine that coud  
Good things:

I've just got to make it through today and assignment 6 and 7 of the seven due in the last five days will be done and I can maybe stop wandering around with this startled-hen look on my face.
(Of course, then I will have to catch up on 5 books and 4,000 words of writing I've been NOT doing due to said 7 assignments, but hey, SO NOT THE POINT!)

Glee club tonight. (Yes, I've joined a Glee Club, and no, it's not lame and full of weirdos, it's AWESOME and full of AWESOME AND SCARY-CRAZY PEOPLE.)

I've done at least half of a 5x22 coda. I think it doesn't suck, too.

I watched Star Trek last night AGAIN. (This is about the 7th time, I think.) And yes, it is STILL AWESOME.

I bought the game Jeanne d'Arc to go towards my research and it's SUPER FUN and really addictive. ^_^ Really good thing to have to do before bed because I can't read fic when I've been staring at words for about 12 hours solid.

Less good things:

My Sammessiah fic needs some work, it's a bit average. :/

From next week I have to start recruiting participants for my research. Which means I need to power through these damn video games and I DO NOT HAVE TIME. >:[

I need to get my shit together and start making some serious plans about where I'm going once I've finished honors. This is scary because I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO and I have no idea who to ASK because none of the lecturers here know anything about Japan, and the only Japanese lecturer who WOULD have been helpful has LEFT. Wah. :(

Um, to end on a positive note..... My kitty is adorable, YAY!
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04 December 2008 @ 01:18 pm
There is something and nothing wrong with me  
I am home sick today. I can't figure out what's wrong though. I feel fine until I try to do anything, and then I get a headache and feverish and extremely tired.

Anyway, point being that I have retired to bed with my laptop and hope to get some writing done today. My cat is being very cuddly because I've been too sick to go out and buy her food so she's hanging around in the hope I will give her something that doesn't taste like crap. (She has the other cat's food at the moment, my flatmate buys the cheapest food available for him, my cat refuses to eat it...) So, I have a kitty and about 5 things I should be working on. woot.

Anyway, this is a complete nothing-entry, I was just bored. Meh.
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23 October 2008 @ 04:17 pm
Right now, I am standing in front of my computer desk, dancing to music while researching Native Title land claims in Australia. I am standing because I have been compulsively eating non-stop or the last few days, and all the sugar and other crap is tying my stomach into knots. I am dancing because of said sugar and also because I'm so, damn sick of sitting still. I'm researching Native Title because I have to write an essay about it before the morning. Woop woop.

What was supposed to be a social comment, turned into a Declaration of Strength, Courage, and Awesome on the part of Peeji )

Also, my cat's feet are completely adorable. *kisses them*
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17 September 2008 @ 04:07 pm
How much wood can a woodchuck chuck  
heh, that sounds so seedy now that I'm all grown up and perverted.

Anyway! Essay is completed. I now have one day of free time this week (today) to do ALL the things I thought I'd have heaps of time to do this week. :( I have a list! Right now I am allowing myself 20 mins to do some DMTs_07 typing up. Then I'm going to spend 30 mins on beta work for mimei-senpai, then I have to go into work for a meeting with the new manager and 2IC. Then I'm going to a friend's place. I've already played World of Warcraft for a few hours with my brothers in celebration of my middle-brother's birthday, (took more time than I wanted because there were FUCKING HORDE everywhere who kept on killing me where I wanted to do my quests. But to be fair I later found an area where me and some horde managed to quest right next to each other without killing each other, so I can't bitch TOO much. *mutter mutter mutter*) I have also hung out in the sun with my cat. So, list has about 6 more things on it which just aren't going to get done, but oh well. ;_;

Must go! No time! *flails*

YYAAAAY ESSAY DONE! (Can't really get over it....)

p.s. Writing accents (without like, 'writing accents' which is SUCH a no-no, in my opinion,) is SO FUCKING HARD! I'm sitting here with Harry, who is contemporary england, Voldemort, who is 1940s england, then Xander - california, and Spike contemporary (london?) with a touch of 19th cen england and I have a NZ accent, which is sort of half-way between British and American (in terms of dialect, not accent), and it's all CRAZY. *gets all confused and twisted around*

p.p.s. I just got home (around midnight) and one of my old-man flatmates (two of my flatmates are around 50, weird but relatively house-trained, so that's okay) gave me this look that was a bit, 'And where have YOU been young lady?' HAH! I've been at a friend's place watching the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie (so very funny, so very bad, I imagined it was made by Andrew and some friends. It made me chuckle lots) eating ice cream and discussing knitting. XDDD but, you know, if that's all I might just go read some gay erotica before bed, cool? XDDDDDD
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06 April 2008 @ 01:39 pm
I should become a snail  
Because then my house would be attached to me.

Yesterday, I was going to be like, "this is me making a no-excuse spammy entry to celebrate my new icon!" but now, I HAVE an excuse. And excuse which is possibly more appropriate to my other more depressive icons, but hey.

My flatmates are kicking me out.

I have to move.


For those who haven't kept up with every single detail of my life, this will be the 5th move since I started university, the 11th move since 2003, and the 17th move in my life time. Am I impressed?


Do I want to talk about it? Not really. I'm just really irritated. Don't ask me why this is happening, it's a series of really stupid things, mostly surrounded by my crazy 18yr old flatmates who have no idea what it's actually like to live away from home. Am I freaking out? Well, I don't have TIME to freak out, I have three weeks of holidays, an absolute shit-load of work to do and now I have to shift, as well. I am upset about the cat having to move to a new area though. :/

In honour of my poor kitty who has to put up with how the world hates me so; a pic, for all... )
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01 April 2008 @ 02:49 pm
No, seriously, as creepy as that sounds, I just found myself lying around, watching my cat while she sleeps, (which, for those cat lovers out there, is actually quite hard to do coz normally they have super-stare-detection skillz and will wake up and glare at you for doing that. And for waking them up.) Also, when I am out, I worry about her all the time, when I need someone to talk to, I go find her and we chase each other around the back yard, and she snuggles me at night, and I like to feed her (I like to feed people, it's a thing) and when I don't want to go out I'm like, 'Oh, I better go home, I gotta feed my cat' and she's ALWAYS HAPPY TO SEE ME WHICH IS THE NICEST THING IN THE WORLD.

Also, I have Medusa hair today. >_>

I am pretty fail about life in general at the moment, struggling off-and on with the whole black ooze thing, uni is really hard and I'm just barely keeping my head above water, I discovered I have hypoglycaemia even worse than I thought I did, (going to see a doctor tomorrow) which is being a major pain in the ass because I used to save money by skipping meals quite a bit, and now I have to buy so much FOOD all the damn time and I am REALLY FUCKING POOR. I'm sick just at the moment, but I'm hoping it's not going to develop worse than a mild coldy-thing. I have a test tomorrow which I think I'm prepared for? But not really sure? Also LOTS AND LOTS of other things I'm behind on.

I realise the next chapter of Dry My Tears is well overdue and since there's like, two pages of editing to do before it's done I really have no excuse but, *flaps* if I suck this much at life in general, what makes you people think I would suck less at writing? *sighs* No seriously, getting the editing done as soon as class finishes (I have holidays for 3 weeks starting Friday). And like, might be nice and follow with another chapter fairly soon after since the drafts are already done. I have begun work on BTS_whateverthehellchapterI'mupto as well, but it's going to take some thought because well, has anyone noticed they haven't left that stupid room for like, a year and a half or something? Maybe two? Well I HAVE. @_@ I need to get them OUT or I'm going to KILL SOMETHING. But that also means more brain-work for meeee.

Anyway, I wasn't here to winge, but that's what it developed into so... poos.

Catch you on the flip side, dudes and dudettes! (Do any actual dudes read this journal? I have no idea...)

Edit: Oh, and sorry, no April-fools jokes from me. I mean, I could have been really cruel and been all, 'LOOK, I UPDATED EVERYTHING' but that would just be haaarsh, man.
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