31 December 2006 @ 02:21 pm
Fanfic - Luna Sea: Sugi/Ryu angst  
Whoops! Sorry, forgot to post this like I said I would. :/ DMT_04 is allllmost finished so that should appear in the next couple of weeks. (I hope... Fuck, I'm so bad at updating, sorry. ;_; ) Anyway, this was for [ profile] mimei's christmas present. It's a Luna Sea (Japanese band) AU slash fic so um, if you aren't fammiliar with them, don't ask me about them because I don't really know much, I just pretend I do so that I can write stuff that will make my mimei smile.

Summary: UST angst!!

Setting: Slightly AU at some point while Luna Sea is still together.

Rating: PG? R? *shrugs* I dunno, pretty mild.

Warnings: UST!!! And: weird tenses, multiple internal dialogue and odd stylistic spasms.


Luna Sea Fanfic - Sugi/Ryu angst )
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17 December 2006 @ 06:51 pm
lazy daisy  
Bleh. I should go to church but it's raining and I'm post-writing tired and I've gone the last 3 weeks in a row and I'll be going twice next week and I just can't really be bothered.

Maybe I can make up for it by dancing later. Yeah. I'll do some dancing.

((Just so people know, I don't think God hates me if I don't attend church every week, I think he wants me to go because it improves my relationship with him, and it does, so that's why i should go, not because I 'have to'.))

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that I have finished writing all my christmas cards out and I'm just waiting on getting all the CDs and other bits and pieces done that go with specific ones all done then I will send them. I'm getting really late with them so they'll probably not all arrive before Christmas but at least I tried, right?

Wrote mimei's Christmas booty present this afternoon. Yay for band-slash! Unless mimei asks for hoarding-rights I'll post it up here after christmas.

Tired! I'm gonna go watch Sailor Moon. (again/more).
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25 August 2006 @ 11:25 am
fic - Luna Sea short  
AH!!!!!!! I am so late! I've got like, 15 minutes to get ready for work but I started re-writing this this morning and it was working so I had to finish it but now I've got to GOOOOOOO!

Some J/inoran for mimei, coz I love her and she has exams )
24 March 2006 @ 05:11 pm
I suck, but look! Fic!  
Right so, the last week has been an exercise in me never doing what I was supposed to.

Monday, I was supposed to be working on chapter five, so, instead I was RANDOMLY excessively inspired to work on a vamp!Voldemort/Harry fic and spent ages on that. (Don't squick about it until you've read good Voldemort/Harry, I've only ever come across one really decent one, and before then I was totally grossed out at the thought, I have since changed my ways. ...Or, you know, you can squick if you really want to; I wont stop you...)

Tuesday, I slept lots, then the previous continued.

Wednesday, I was supposed to be working on a fic for KRM's birthday. I went crazy with writing chapter five. THEN got further distracted (I blame mimei) and wrote and entire short-fic due to her challenge over a really cute pic of J and Inoran from the Japanese rock band Luna Sea. -_-;;

Thursday, I NEEDED to start work on KRM's present fic, instead, I finished (and edited) the first half of chapter Five. ;_;

All in all, I've written 4,203 words worth of stuff this week and 2,603 of those were COMPLETE DISTRACTIONS!

So yeah, gotta start on KRM's gift. ;_;

In the mean time, enjoy a short fic about J and Inoran, (most loved pairing of many J-Rock obsessed females around the world, though their undying love for each other is completely fictitious. :P)

Consequences and Hopeful Ventures )

There! Hope people enjoy!
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