05 December 2005 @ 11:41 pm
Where does the wandering mind flow? Superheros and black leather!  

I was fiddling around with my MSN perferences, (well, actually Trillian, but I can't be bothered explaining the diff for anyone who doesn't know, so just pretend it was MSN), and there was an option for having a biography. I always think biographies are kinda silly (unless you're like, actually _writing_ a biography), so this is what ended up being written there, coz I was feel bored and distracted at the same time:


Ooo look!!! *points* It's a biography!!!

Does anyone _ever_ read these things?

Apart from weird internet perverts...

... And people like me... who are reallly, realllllly bored. Or maybe I am an interent pervert... in disguise... like superman....

I wish I were superman...

Or not, coz he's like, a bit lame.. excessively large jaw and all....

Maybe Catwoman.. except.. that's cliche.... Spiderman? Always loved him, he was so cool. And, Venom, coz you know, he's spidey.. except evil... and you gotta love evil.. it's so.. black leather...

*wanders off*


I just thought that was funny.

Hopefully be back later when I go on a LJ binge. maybe tomorrow morning, it's getting a bit late now.
Current Mood: amused