17 January 2009 @ 06:46 pm
Supernatural 4x11 episode reaction  
I don't normally do this on my journal but... Beyond this point lie spoilers... )

In other news, my writing paper is HARD WTF! The learning curve of going from a novel-writer to writing for stage is kind of insane. I still feel a bit like I'm cheating at uni though because I'm getting MARKS from WRITING, that's like if there was a paper where I could get marks for knowledge of obscure cult T.V shows or something. Wack!

Other writing stuff is also happening. Kind of spastically and all over the place, actually, so not very productive, but happening all the same, so YEY!

I bought a fondue set! I am inviting every known person in the universe to my place for a fondue party. But it may have to actually be at least two parties because the pot only serves six or something. but, PARTY! of fondue! If you live in chch, NZ and you're not on my hate-list, (there are only about 2 people on my hate-list, and they know who they are, so you probably aren't) come join the fondue madness!

Okay, that's all.
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