16 August 2008 @ 02:28 pm
Alright then.  
Well, I've been sick for eight days at this point and I am SO over it. In addition, the internet has shut down in my flat (temporarily due to some Issues, but it'll be back in a few days) which of course send me into spasms of OMGWTFBBQ and not being able to do anything. However, despite this I did manage to get my assignment in on time yesterday, if several hundred words below the word limit. >_>

What else is going on, well. Hmm. I am at the public library in town today. I WAS going to finish typing up chapter 7 of DMTs but I didn't bring the right writing book. >:| I looked at the start of chapter whatever of BtS but... gosh, I've got three different starts and they're all GOOD but at the same time none of them quite work. *gives up for now* As such, I'm really just sitting here waiting to be inspired.

BUT NOT ah fuck, now it's come back. I got this inspiration for a Supernatural story the other day. It's very... evil. The idea is for eggpreg!Dean (i.e. Dean is a man-shaped chicken... or maybe a penguin... ANYWAY) and he all doesn't realise it at first and starts nesting and rummaging through Walmart trying to find appropriate items and Sam's all, "Dude, what the hell are you doing?" ... @_@ I really want to write it, but it's EVIL and I don't really feel like I should randomly attack another fandom that I have so little experience with. (Having only watched four episodes of Spn, I kind of feel like it's not my place.) But at the same time, I don't want to annoy my favourite writers by just randomly emailing them with this basket of crack. SIGHZ! But... it just HAS to be written, by SOMEONE!?! RIGHT???
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08 August 2008 @ 04:54 pm
Mleh, life, mleh.  
Peeji is sick. mleh. Not even a really good 'I can't feel guilty for doing nothing because I'm too sick,' sick, just a, 'I'm well enough to do stuff but doing stuff is twice as hard and more nausea-inducing than usual.' sick. :(

Also, it has reached the stage that reading is not fun. :( :( I really want to watch Lord of the Rings but my brother has my DVDs. I thin watching Die Hard 4 for the fifth time might be a liiiittle much, even for me. I kind of feel like working on my Jaemin fic, but I'm kinda stuck on it and I don't have the energy for fixing things right now. blaaaahhhh.

I called in sick for work today but I'm really going to have to go tomorrow because our flat is down a person and I think I'm going to end up having to help with extra rent next week. Which means money will be in high-demand. *sighs* Anyone know someone non-creepy looking for a flat in Christchurch, NZ? *sighz moar*

Yes, that is pretty much all I wanted to say. Oh, except, HELLO TO THE RUSSIANS! I've had like, four people whose journals are in (I think) Russian friend me in the last month or so, so I just felt the need to say, 'HI!' Anyone else who has friended me lately, you are not getting a hello because you're just not COOL enough - you're not bi-lingual! Step it UP, people! :PPP XD
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