02 July 2009 @ 04:59 pm
random sauce  
You know that Wordle craze that flashed through the interwebs a few months ago? Well, actually a really great writing tool, because mine was like, 'DEAN, SAM, LOOKED, tinywordstinywords' Apparently I use 'looked' WAY more than any human being ever needs to look at anything.

I bring this up because I'm working on the post-beta final edit of DMT_07 at the moment (yeah, you heard me!) and every time I see the word 'looked' I'm like 'AAAAHHHRR!! *gets out the stabby knives*'

In all seriousness, it's really great to see how much I've improved as a writer since I wrote this, but in the mean time it's kind of painful that I have to put it online. But, I'm also really, REALLY glad that I AM still improving, that my 'art' isn't stagnating and this time writing fanfic (instead of original fic) isn't wasted after all.

*scampers back to editing hell*

EDIT: Wow... the bank just decided to charge me $40 for various fees because I didn't get around to renewing my student (fee-free) account and because my overdraft is so huge. That was my food money. Now I have to cut into my piddly $50 of savings so that I can EAT which was SUPPOSED to be one day for paying back the bank. Good job, guys, good job! *tries really, really hard not to get really, really upset*
Current Mood: really fucking unhappy