06 August 2009 @ 06:46 pm
It's everywhere!  
I would like to preface this with two things. One, I am COMPLETELY unspoiled. Two, I want to say a big thank you to everyone in fandom who is being really considerate about spoiling.

But HOLY FUCK it's hard to avoid spoilers right now. Like, they're EVERYWHERE. You can't go two seconds right now in fandom without seeing a spoiler cut. And yes, I'm extremely grateful that (on LJ at least) those are spoiler CUTS not the actual information, but but... *flails* I really want to reeeeead them! And every time I manage to resist, I move all of about four pages down and BAM there's another one!


Meanwhile, I'm still working surprisingly hard on fic this week, there's one in particular I want to get out before S5 starts so I'm trying to hurry but it's coming out completely crap, so that's annoying. :/ And my essay is due tomorrow and only half-done. Woooo.

EDIT: My evening went... posted entry, got on twitter, got spoiled. *laughs helplessly*

EDIT EDIT: Discussion of said casting spoiler in comments. But seriously, if you're freaking out like I was, don't. It has nothing to do with the actual plot of the show.
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17 July 2009 @ 10:46 pm
I am a rock. I am invisible.  
Do you guys ever get to a point in a fic where, I dunno, there’s a chapter end or a big reveal and you finish the line and, even if it’s totally un-postable, your instinct is to go, ‘There! Now post!’ just because you want an instant reaction?

I’m supposed to be studying or sleeping right now but I’m being sneaky to write fic because I really needed a creative outlet at the moment and in general just something that I could work on, enjoy, and FINISH. So, a short fic hopefully to be finished soon. Season 4 coda. Just trying to figure out how to a) shut up, and b) fit in some sexiness, at this point.

Just for reference, I’m kind of on an internet-mini-hiatus at the moment. I’m in a kind of crazy-negative mad brain-spaz space and really needing a lot of no-people time, and that includes internet-people. I am trying to catch up with fic responses but even there I’m pretty fail. So, if you don’t see me, don’t panic, I’m probably not dead, just off kicking a wall or something somewhere.
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07 September 2007 @ 12:57 am
Learning to Swim  
Okay, just a quick fly-by note again. I may update with something more conversational later, but for now I have no time despite LJ calling.

Life, kicks my ass, with big steel-capped boots. Not asking for a pity-party or anything here, but SHEESH! How much crap can be packed into one year? I don't know, I don't WANT to know. What I do know is that it's a lot more than I thought it would be. To explain this bitching a tad, last term went something like this:
Weeks 1-2: "Whheeeeeeeee! I love being at uni so much!! ...Holy CRAP my workload is insane this semester... ARG! Stressing about flats! >:["
Week 3: "Yay Uni! Oh! Ah! (<- not sex noises) Flat! WAH! Moving is mega hassle! Stressszzz. [pause] *looks at schedule* ........Excuse me? I have only 3 weeks left of term and HOW MANY assignments/tests/essays????!!?? PANIC-DESU!"
Week 4: "Okay, must focus on working, ah, my life is crazy, wtf, okay, focus, yes hah..." My Boss - "So, do you want to work more than twice your normal shifts for the next 3 weeks?" Me - "Oh.. um, money is really good when you're in as much debt as I am and I'm being all focus-y on my workload, so I _should_ be able to manage, so um, yesss?" (<- I am very stupid.)
Week 5: "AH! FLAIL! *procrastinates* ... *misses classes due to flailage* Panic panIC PANIC PANIC PANIC!
Week 6: Universe - "Hmm, she thinks that the shit has already hiteth the fan. Hah, Hah. HAHAHAHAHAHA! *curses*" Me - "Ack!" *gets virus of DOOM* *tries to keep going anyway* *gets bronchitis as WELL as virus of doom* *f(l)ails* Essays/tests/assignments are done/not done to varying degrees or suckdom. Work is VERY annoyed with me.
Week 7: (holidays) "Oh bloody hell. I HATE YOU, UNIVERSE!!!" *tries to catch up on essays. fails. submits one of two two days late, ignores the other altogether as a lost-cause.* Universe - *laughs* Me - *gives up and sleeps for several days*
Week 8: (now, still holidays) "I would like to register a complaint or something here, people," *eyes Burn to Shine and DMTs forlornly* *picks up homework* "Sighhhh" panic panic. Sensei - "So, I haven't received your aegrotat from the registry yet..." Me - ".......... I don't even know why I bother, seriously people. Seriously." *ignores life and spends day walking through the botanical gardens with friend checking out the daffodils.* *comes home and regrets this, cracks open the study study study study.*

Le sigh.

So yeah. Me being not around has some basis in reality, not just me being depressed and antisocial. (Although there's that, too.) I really miss everyone. I miss the fandom. And MAN, I REALLY miss writing. So. Fucking. Much. Yeah, depending on how much of this amazing shittiness that seems to magically appear from nowhere gets piled on me next term, I'm hoping to have some more time for writing as I get myself a bit more organised. We'll see, ne?

Also, Brief comments about Deathly Hallows, and yes, there are spoilers aplenty )

Also quick comment about the whole child-porn debacle )

...Holy crap, that wasn't really a short update after all, was it? *looks sheepish* It's reeeeeally late now and I gotta go to bed before insuring that working tomorrow will be total torture, but I'm glad I was able to get some of this stuff out there.

(Oh and, Hi to all the people who have friended me lately. It never fails to amaze me. Welcome aboard. ^_^)

Hope everyone is good! Let me know the Goss! Laterz dudes and dudettes!

Page out!
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21 June 2007 @ 09:27 pm
I have a JOB! All hail and glory!  

Oh yeah, that's right, job is me. Me is job. Job is kickass rocksaw omg garden house* of COOOL!


It's at a jewellery kiosk where I am not permitted to sit. (Even on the rubbish bin! The RULES SAY SO!!!) And I'm workin from 12-4:30 on Friday, and 2:30-4:30 on Monday. Awesomeness ahead. I am sooooooo thrilled and now I'm really really super-duper looking forward to next semester! Onward and upward! Sure, more hours might have been better money-wise, but I have such a mega workload next semester (compared to what I'm used to) that it'll probably be perfect.

So yeah, I totally get all weekend and every evening free, plus it's just stylish-casual wear so I can go straight from uni and, all in all, I'm sweet-fucking-as. *dances more* I'm really looking forward to a semester of normality and schedule-sameness. It will hopefully encourage me to have good writing-headspace.

Anywayzz, I gtg, I need to cook myself an egg and then get ready for bed. Sleep is me because tomorrow work is me. Love love everyone and thanks to all who cheered me on in the land of no-work. hugs for all!

*garden house lives in my brain. Garden house is a name of a restaurant that is regularly referred to in my Japanese text book. Everything is 'ガーデンハウスは どですか。' (How about, (we go to) Garden House?) Apparently, although ジム ハリスさん (Jim Harris) and 山本 みち子さん (Yamamoto Michiko) are quite happy to go and eat there, カレン ロペス (Karen Lopez) thinks that it is too うるさい (noisy). Isn't that just sooooooo fucking interesting, that you want to read about it about 50 million times??????? @_@ (sorry, learning a language can be very... interesting, sometimes...)
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12 June 2007 @ 12:20 am
Okay no, not completely, but I do kinda suck. I just checked, and I haven't updated Burn to Shine since JANUARY. JANUARY!!! I'm surprised some of the readers haven't sent packs of rabid flying monkeys to me in the mail. (Though I would like to point out that the crazy-rabid-ness of the flying monkeys was a total fabrication, and they were actually quite nice but being forced to do the Wicked Witch's bidding and even gave Dorothy the Golden Cap when she got rid of witch. So there.)

I really am sorry about this. Does anyone remember me saying, oh like, almost _two years ago_ that I didn't want to become one of those writers who took around three years to publish one fanfic? Well.... Yeah.... I'm so screwed, aren't I?

On the positive side, I've finally got out of the Evil Flats of Doom and am now at my Nanna's place. I'm here until I can get a job so that I can afford a new flat where there aren't psycho people. (Have a job interview tomorrow morning, everyone pray for me! ...unless you worship Satan. In which case I'll pass if that's alright, but wish me well, okay?) Then I shall move, again. -_-;; Meanwhile currently I'm in the first week of two weeks of study-break, then I have two exams the following week then two weeks holiday with memei-senpai and simon-kun (san? I'm still soooo bleary about honorifics) which is going to be AWESOME! Then semester two starts which is going to have a double-sized workload. @_@ I am _hoping_, however, that despite more work- being in a regular schedule might help me to be in a good frame of mind for writing. (better than the last 6 months, anyway.)

Thus, for the next two weeks my two priorities are study and writing. I've started in on bts_08 and I am hoping that once I really get writing it will be as fast to write as chapter seven was. Wish me well, everyone.

P.S. *looks around* I think this means my non-hiatus is non-over. >_>; We'll see?
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17 May 2007 @ 11:35 pm
I am not on hiatus!  
I just want to say that although I have disappeared off the face of the earth temporarily, I am not on hiatus. I have re-learnt to define the statement, 'It never rains but it pours' and a lot of crap is happening all at once in my life at the moment.

Not that it's all bad, a lot of good has been happening too, just so much crap that I physically don't have enough hours in the day for all the things I should be doing, which is pretty freakin stressful right now.

Anyway, a very, very long story short: I am very busy, I am not replying to many things I should be and I am not really around much but I am definitely not on hiatus. Chapter 8 of BtS is in progress, a very, very slow progress but it's definitely on the burner. Life, I hope, will eventually calm down and I will hopefully get a bit of a better handle on things. Till then, sporadic is me. Hope everyone is well.

Page out.
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