18 September 2008 @ 07:40 pm
Attempting to be efficient  
I am on a mission to type out chapter 7 of Dry My Tears. I thought I might have a good chance at getting it done tonight.


I've been going for about an hour. Done 600 words, about 2 and a half pages? I was like, 'Hokay! Awesome! How many do I have left? Two or three pages, right?'

Guess how many pages I have to go? 5? 7?

oh no...



This is going to take me weeks! HOW THE HELL DID I WRITE A CHAPTER THIS LONG!?!? How did I forget I'd written a chapter this long????? It's going to be like, 7,000 words all up. *cries* I'm just going to have to allocate an hour a day to typing it up otherwise it's never going to get done. SIGH, I say, SIGH!

I'm going to have to post a drabble in the mean time. Even I can't deal with not posting for this long. Guh.

In other news, uni rambles... )

Oh, and I got given a whole cake of chocolate today, and I've already eaten like, half of it. HAHAHA! erk. *puts away so she can pretend it doesn't exist* Right! Onward and upward!
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