17 January 2007 @ 04:31 pm
The fastest draw in the land.  
Or fastest write... whatever.

Point being. One week later, (save for a teeny tiny bit I wrote months ago) I have written the entirety of chapter seven's first draft. Wheee! Latest count is 3,555. Decided to leave off a couple of scenes till next chapter otherwise it would just keep dragging on forever. I realise for many writers, writing 3,500 words in a week would be a cinch, but for me it's a really big deal and I'm super-pleased. I've got a bit of editing, (though not a huge amount, I did a lot as I wrote) and then formatting (quite a lot of that, Draco really likes his italics!) and then it should be ready to go. Hopefully it will be up by the weekend.[Edit 7:30pm: Or I could do all that really fast and just post it now! heheh] Already spending a bit of time on DMT_05 but my wrists are fairly wasted from the aforementioned 3,500 words so that's going a bit slower.

Other News:
Bought some new jeans, (with all my non-money) and DAMN they are nice jeans. Unfortunately they're gonna have to be my new 'skinny jeans' because they are very, very tight. >_> They are really nice though! Also bought some lovely flowing brown pants which were on sale for only $17.50. Yayz0rs.

Going to start packing fairly soon. :/ Oh joys. :/
Current Mood: busy