24 May 2009 @ 12:15 am
A couple of things:  
1. I just watched Billy Elliot. This movie always makes me cry and fills me with OVERWHELMING LOVE AND JOY.

2. Someone really needs to write a Billy Elliot J2 AU where the other boy is Michael (the gay best-friend) and instead of Billy/J being straight he's well... not. Because that would be ADORABLE AND AWESOME. Especially if there were bits while the Billy-J was at school, because of course the sex part at 11 wouldn't really go. And after the heart-break of separating when he left. OH! LOVE!

3. Uni is stressing me out but I only have two more weeks before the pressure is off and I can finally finish some of these fics that are hovering about.

4. My parents, especially my Dad, suck. If fact, pretty much just my Dad sucks. He was 'kidding around' the other day, making a random off-colour joke about lesbians being stoned to death in Muslim countries, (which was, to be fair, just a random fly-away comment at first,) but THEN he got sidetracked and started going ON about how I would only get stoned with rocks half the size of the lesbian's rocks (because I'm only HALF gay, you see?) thinking this was the funniest thing ever.

....... Yes, Dad, telling your daughter about the kind of hate-crime she might be expected to experience if the people around her started judging her based on a different moral code is REALLY FUCKING FUNNY. I think my Mum was kind of horrified.

My Dad is a really un-bigoted Christian, 90% of the time, it's just he's the kind of guy who deals with personal strife my making off-colour jokes, (I do it too, actually). Unfortunately, this is making me feel like I just don't want to talk to him at all until he has grown so used to the Bi thing that he doesn't even think about it. Fuck it's uncomfortable.

Anyway, that just pissed me off and I wanted to write it down so hopefully in about 10 years I can look back on this and laugh.

That is all!
Current Mood: cranky