24 September 2008 @ 10:19 pm
Fanfic - DBSK - Who You Choose To Be  

When I said I would write something in the mean-time because DMT_07 is taking too long... I didn't mean this. When I said to mimei-senpai last night that I would write her a YooSu drabble, I didn't plan on writing almost 3,000 words. >:( I blame it on the deeply plot-implied prompt of Angel!Su. I mean, it's Angel!Su, it's not my FAULT!

Anyway, Fic:

Title: Who You Choose To Be
Author: Page Russet ([ profile] page_r)
Pairing: Yoochun/Junsu
Words: 2,763
Rating: R
Prompt: From [ profile] mimei. (artistic licence applied to use of said prompts) angelsu, falling hurts, poet sun, warrior moon, fate, copies of copies of copies, hunger, hunger, hunger.
ETA: Forgot to say thanks to mimei for beta of the second half. THANKS, precious! *hugsies*

DBSK - Who You Choose To Be - (Angel!Su) )
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09 June 2008 @ 02:30 pm
Fic (drabble) - DBSK - Sellotape  
Mmmmm, finished class for the term. Having a few days to recuperate before going flat-out for exams. (Kind of have failed one paper this semester, but since I was almost quitting earlier this year, I think two out of three aint bad.) ANYWAY! Mimei is stuck at Uni doing her last(?) big essay of semester and in an attempt to get her to have a break earlier I promised her a drabble. So here it is! (Also, it snowed here on Saturday night. Wheee! My first snow in like, 3 years. Yus!)

Title: Sellotape
Author: Page Russet ([ profile] page_r)
Pairing: Yoochun/Junsu (sort-of)
Rating: PGR (PG-13) (I know! I know! shut up!)
Words: 356
Challenge: sticky-tape (also known as, 'first thing you notice in your room, challenge!') and present tense! (since everyone is doing it now-days, thought I'd have a go.)
A/N: I don't know if they have the 'Sellotape' brand in Korea, but lets all assume for the course of this drabble that they do, kk? ty.

DBSK drabble - Sellotape )
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26 May 2008 @ 11:41 pm
Fanfic - Some DBSK crack magic hardcore  


That Touching Incident
By [ profile] mimei & [ profile] page_r
Pure crack, with a sprinkling of sugar fluff
In which Junsu loves Bambi, Yunho loves Bambi, Jaejoong wants TaeSu's grandchildren and saturated fats are yucky.

Go see!
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20 January 2008 @ 05:53 pm
Random DBSK Ficlet - Rumours  
ay ay, I'm not feeling very well lately so not doing very good at keeping up with things, but because of said crapness, I felt called to write a ficlet (it was supposed to be a drabble but it grew) for my [ profile] mimei-senpai because she is feeling crap too and I am too crap to keep in proper contact with her these days. Anyway, this is in the DBSK/THSK fandom, which, for those of you who don't know, is a Korean boy-band. DON'T ask me to explain how I got into this fandom, it shames me. But, hopefully this will put a smile on mimei's face so there. Deal. (or like, don't read it, it's no skin off my back.)

For those who do know, this is a Future-AU, PG, YooSu. 967 words. (I feel like there should be a special flag-warning thing for PG stuff now! WATCH OUT! THERE'S NOTHING MUCH TO SCAR CHILDREN IN THIS POST! OH NOES!)

DBSK Fanfic - Rumours )
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31 December 2006 @ 02:21 pm
Fanfic - Luna Sea: Sugi/Ryu angst  
Whoops! Sorry, forgot to post this like I said I would. :/ DMT_04 is allllmost finished so that should appear in the next couple of weeks. (I hope... Fuck, I'm so bad at updating, sorry. ;_; ) Anyway, this was for [ profile] mimei's christmas present. It's a Luna Sea (Japanese band) AU slash fic so um, if you aren't fammiliar with them, don't ask me about them because I don't really know much, I just pretend I do so that I can write stuff that will make my mimei smile.

Summary: UST angst!!

Setting: Slightly AU at some point while Luna Sea is still together.

Rating: PG? R? *shrugs* I dunno, pretty mild.

Warnings: UST!!! And: weird tenses, multiple internal dialogue and odd stylistic spasms.


Luna Sea Fanfic - Sugi/Ryu angst )
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25 August 2006 @ 11:25 am
fic - Luna Sea short  
AH!!!!!!! I am so late! I've got like, 15 minutes to get ready for work but I started re-writing this this morning and it was working so I had to finish it but now I've got to GOOOOOOO!

Some J/inoran for mimei, coz I love her and she has exams )
24 March 2006 @ 05:11 pm
I suck, but look! Fic!  
Right so, the last week has been an exercise in me never doing what I was supposed to.

Monday, I was supposed to be working on chapter five, so, instead I was RANDOMLY excessively inspired to work on a vamp!Voldemort/Harry fic and spent ages on that. (Don't squick about it until you've read good Voldemort/Harry, I've only ever come across one really decent one, and before then I was totally grossed out at the thought, I have since changed my ways. ...Or, you know, you can squick if you really want to; I wont stop you...)

Tuesday, I slept lots, then the previous continued.

Wednesday, I was supposed to be working on a fic for KRM's birthday. I went crazy with writing chapter five. THEN got further distracted (I blame mimei) and wrote and entire short-fic due to her challenge over a really cute pic of J and Inoran from the Japanese rock band Luna Sea. -_-;;

Thursday, I NEEDED to start work on KRM's present fic, instead, I finished (and edited) the first half of chapter Five. ;_;

All in all, I've written 4,203 words worth of stuff this week and 2,603 of those were COMPLETE DISTRACTIONS!

So yeah, gotta start on KRM's gift. ;_;

In the mean time, enjoy a short fic about J and Inoran, (most loved pairing of many J-Rock obsessed females around the world, though their undying love for each other is completely fictitious. :P)

Consequences and Hopeful Ventures )

There! Hope people enjoy!
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