15 May 2008 @ 06:48 pm
Fuck, I refuse to say 'life is good' because that will result in something awful happening, but I have a JOB and it's a really GREAT job, and this makes me happy.

On the less-positive side, I also have what is trying to be the HARDEST ESSAY IN THE UNIVERSE. The question is: “What are the potential uses and limitations of the ‘ethnography of speaking’ in respect to an analysis of ritual?” which, well, I don't think any of my readers study anthropology so it will sound like jibber-jabber to you, but it's... really weird because it should be really easy to answer but it's so easy to answer that everything I have to say about it takes up about two paragraphs. ...2,000 words? Not even CLOSE, baby! *sighs* Will have to keep pounding at it anyway...

On a positive note, my Classics essay was AWESOME and really interesting and I totally got it in on time which was GREAT. This comment, occurred in relation, however:
Comments for the week:

When it’s 1am, and you’ve just spent about 8 hours writing an essay which is due the next morning, don’t suddenly assume your entire essay is off-topic. You’re probably just losing your mind. Go to bed.

*nods* It was fine the next morning. ^_^ (with some added last-minute tweaking)

Finally, I'd just like to say... something, even though words aren't useful at ALL in this situation, for all the people who have died or are suffering due to the natural disasters in China and Myanmar this week. :(

EDIT: Essay-block - when all else fails, read the recommended texts AGAIN. WHY, WORLD, WHY?
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