prairie_grass: (Willow Bleh)
prairie_grass ([personal profile] prairie_grass) wrote on August 26th, 2012 at 07:21 pm
Pedantic Panda
I've discovered that in my old age I have become something of a pedantic arse. Hopefully my ability to laugh at myself prevents me from being that Annoying Guy who always needs to correct people on minor inaccuracies, but I think at times I come close.

In order to prevent this spiralling out of control into my visions of torch-welding villagers coming after me with pitchforks, I've decided to award myself +1 Friendship points whenever I hold my tongue instead of correcting someone.

This will be difficult for me, as there are so many people who are WRONG everywhere. If I do not fail miserably, I imagine I will level up extremely fast.

Working on Sekrit Projects this weekend...
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