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prairie_grass ([personal profile] prairie_grass) wrote on June 13th, 2012 at 12:53 pm
And then there was everything
So then I moved city and started a new job.

Christchurch kind of sucks these days, so I picked up and moved to Wellington, our fair capital (also for Reasons). I've never lived here before, but visited a few times. It's all-told a pretty sweet city to live in. More hipsters and hippies here, so I'm more amongst my own kind (although [ profile] mimei would laugh at me to hear me describe myself as a hipster - which I'm NOT, for the record. ^_^).

My new job is as Corporate Admin to the Max! I'm working for a Government department. It's a bit of a culture shock to go from being the admin for the 15-strong staffed branch of a medium sized business, (literally working out of a HOUSE, because our office fell over in an earthquake) to working on the 10th floor of a huge office with a staff of over 100 just in our two floors. I feel a little like a gawky tourist from Hicksville staring at all the tall buildings.

But really, I can't stop staring at all the tall buildings! Christchurch has (had?) a bigger population than Wellington, but it certainly doesn't feel like big city the way that Wellington does. Chch had no restrictions on growth for a really long time, and being built on a flat plain meant that it just expanded outwards. Apparently also there was some weird law until like, the 80s or something that no buildings were allowed to be taller that some statue's hat. I dunno. Town-planners are weird. Especially when they're trying to recreate a English utopia.

Anyway, woot woot for new beginnings and such. Presumably the culture-shock will wear off at some point... ^_^;
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