prairie_grass: (Willow Bleh)
prairie_grass ([personal profile] prairie_grass) wrote on August 16th, 2011 at 09:48 pm
I did eeeet!

With all of about 20 mins to spare, or the like, I got my draft in for the SamDean MiniBigBang!


I started writing on Sunday avo (it's Tuesday night here) with a fic I'd started YEARS ago that had all of 3,000 words done and a notes page, and wrote 6,000 words over 3 days and now apart from you know, making it not suck, and adding a sex scene and maybe another one or two to make the flow work, it's DONE!

Not only that, but I ALSO finished my creative writing project for class sans one last run-over to check that the final edits don't have spelling mistakes, so for a couple of snow days, basically, I have been a ninja. (I didn't get any work done of what I was being PAID for but eh, I work hard the rest of the time, it's a SNOW DAY, I should be allowed to fuck around.)

What else? Oh, YAY NEW HOUSE! (I usually hate shifting, but was SO UNHAPPY at the last place this is a breath of fresh air.)

Also, hoping to buy a car in a few weeks, if I can get the BLOODY IRD WEBSITE to work! Stupid me not writing down passwords.

In other news, please remind me that getting into politics just because there is currently a wet blanket and a used tissue as opposition to the right-wing party in this country is NOT A GOOD IDEA AND I WOULD HATE IT AND DIE WITH STOMACH ULCERS AT 35!

Speaking of which, I had a PROCEDURE a few weeks ago which involved getting injected with something that instantly made me lose my short term memory (spy drugs!) and then had a large tube shoved down my throat, (oOOooO) in conclusion, FUN! (Especially coz the results were good.) Except the fun may go away coz they just got in touch a few days ago with me to have another appointment, which they said they wouldn't do unless the histology showed something. :/ Everyone is assuring me it's all fine, just routine, but I'm gonna call and check coz if it is just routine then I'm not going coz I've already had about a million days off work now for random shit like this!

Okay, Peeji is not nervous, no, not at all.

Whee! Off to bed coz the rain is melting the snow. Wah.
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